Yet another music video wc3 themed

Plywood Fiend

Rear Admiral
~~~.. I thought it was great. I like how you have scenes from both the good and the bad endings in it.
Dang. I can't reach that website from here, thanks to filtering. I really like that song, so I'll get it later from home.
Good editing,

I actually don't like the song, because it is not dramatic enough, and more "lalala i don't care", but that is my peronal taste. To people who go for more common music,
wich is the mainstream it can fit just fine

my choice for this would have been "chariots of fire", or "conquest of paradise"
Yeah, I don't really care for the music either, but it's a lot better than the last song. The editing is a bit better in this one.
Just for the record: I liked the last song, I personally like hard rock. Haven't downloaded this yet but I'm adding it to getright's list now :)
why doesnt someone make a music video with some of the movie score or WC3 or 4s music or something? Heck, even soimething from Starship trooper might work. I havent watched this new one yet, but I dont know, pop songs just dont really work all that well IMO.

That was very well done, the song fit better then I had expected even tho cut short I think that was for the better. I was wondering what software you used to edit that together?