Yay, Dragon*Con!

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Welcome to the Dragon*Con Chat forum!

The purpose of this forum is to discuss anything D*C related. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Arranging to meet people there (including CIC staff!)
    What kind of swords/bootlegs/miscellaneous crap you're going to buy.
    What you're going to get Tom Wilson, John Rhys-Davies, Don Perrin, and Margaret Weis to sign.
    What you're going to dress up as.
    How stupid people looked at previous D*Cs.

Are you excited yet? I know I am!
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Victory, you say?
Allright, I have a question. Anyone will be a cosplayer? (or whatever you call when you dress up like a character)

I remember a movie where LOAF was in a flight suit and people were discussing SW blast shields.

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Cosplay is where you RPG as a character... I don't think we'll be doing that (G) We're working out getting flightsuits for everyone who wants them, though...


This blows, I was going to go on a roadtrip with my friends but school starts that week. If you guys could be so kind as to get tons of footage and pics that would be great. IS it always that week? Hopefully maybe next year for me.:( :(


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It's always labor day weekend. With our new server upgrades, we should be able to host a great video.

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I believe it's only labor day weekend through 2005 -- it may be earlier in the summer after that (in the past it's been July 4th weekend).