Xbox Birthday Brings New Back Compat Games, but No WC Arena... Yet (November 15, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Today marks 20 years since the original Xbox launched, and Microsoft commemorated the occasion by restarting their backwards compatibility program as rumored last month. More than 70 games from the original and 360 eras were added as part of this effort, but Wing Commander Arena wasn't among them. It was and continues to be a long shot that it'll be added to Xbox One/Series X, but the fact that they keep committing to this effort is a really good thing. All of these 10-20 year old titles get HDR enhancements and many get resolution or frame rate bumps. And if they keep going, there's still hope for Wing Commander yet. In the mean time, the Xbox 360 remains the platform where you can play Arena online. If that changes, you'll hear about it right here!

You can read more about Microsoft's latest backwards compatibility plans here and find the entire back catalog here. And if anyone's playing the new Halo Infinite free multiplayer beta that surprise released today, let us know!

Original update published on November 15, 2021