X-Com Interceptor


Does anyone know of a good site to dig up some troubleshooting information for this game?

Yeah, its not exactly a classic, but I've been talking a lot about the original X-Com lately (and Sluggy Freelance has been using X-Com screens for the comic panels recently as well), and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic - both for the classic original strategy game, and its space combat sim off shoot.

I reinstalled it, and in addition to Windows XP's steadfast refusal to acknowledge that my Sidewinder 3-D Pro exists (it can detect it long enough to put it on the game controller list without my input, but still insists that its not actually connected to the computer - something that MS seemed to be angling toward even back when I used Windows 98), I'm also having problems with the sound. The sound card (Sound Blaster Live Value) seems to be having problems playing back the sound, and instead alternates between the proper music and sound effects, and static bursts.

The joystick can be replaced (though I hate to do it), but I'm not sure how to go about dealing with the sound problem. Does anyone happen to know of a website that focuses on X-Com Interceptor and that might have some fixes for problems like this?
Thanks. While I didn't find a solution to my specific problem (although I didn't try running it in Win9x Emulation Mode, which is a suggestion for other problems), I did find what appears to be a much more serious bug I'll need to deal with.