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Powell99 convinced me to give it a try and I did last night. It's a fun game that I imagine is really fun with a group.

So, just throwing out my Warships name...Dundradal. Feel free to add me.


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I was both a World of Tanks and World of Warships devotée for a long time.
I converted to War Thunder though :)


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Keep those games away from me. I want to retain what shards I still have left of my spare time ;).


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It's great up to tier 7 or so, then it tanks real quick. High tier gameplay is really punishing due to the massive jump in repair costs vs credits earnt.

Basically even if you have a premium account for the bonus credit income, you still struggle to break even. So you kinda need a premium ship to farm.

It's much more harsh than World of Tanks, which I've played on and off for a few years.

For WWII era history aficionados, it's a great game.


I recently bought an Intel i7 and 3 games came with it. One of them was a $50 credit towards a new account. Was wondering if any others were playing it too. I happened to get a bunch of new titles so I'm not sure I even have the time for a grind fest ship game. Hell, I got CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege for free as it is. Don't mind CS so much because my teens play it too, gives Dad a gap closure (;)), but RSS scares the crap out of me with Ubi's crap-tastic servers.

Funny, I hadn't seen this thread till this morning, but I was going to ask you about this game last night on Steam Dundradal. Given the setting, I figured you might know something about it.

Would a guy like me, who loves ship sims be interested in this game? Is the $50 credit going to get me anywhere? Tips for noobs? :p


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Yeah, I think you'd like the game. I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to it. I have no clue if $50 will get you anywhere because I'm still figuring it out myself.

Lead your targets. :p


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It's a good game :) Reasonable depth in terms of gameplay, but simple controls and it doesn't overwhelm you with the intricacies of operating literal capital ships.

$50 is plenty depending on what you spend it on. If you buy any premium ships it won't go far at all. But premium ships don't present any really substantive gameplay advantage - they just reward you with more XP for your captains and sometimes more in-game credits for your combat performance. (Some of them are oddballs, like the Atlanta-class cruiser and the Kitakami class torpedo cruiser, but I wouldn't say they're necessarily awesome, just have an interesting schtick) It's good for 'farming' money to buy ship refits and move up the tiers. They're useful because earning money in the game starts to become a problem at or about Tiers VII and VIII (losing a game at Tier VIII will likely cost you more in repair penalties post-match than you earn from your performance. If you're playing PVE and not PVP, that happens earlier, at Tier VI or VII. PVP rewards are significantly higher). In short, you don't absolutely need them. You could get by fine without them. I bought two premium ships and honestly I kind of regret spending that money.

But $50 credit should get you in the neighborhood of at least 9000-10000 "gold doubloons" (which is the cash shop currency). You can't earn doubloons by gameplay, you have to buy those, and what you buy with those are ship/harbor slots at 300 doubloons apiece. You can't really avoid paying for those because the free slots fill up fast, and even if you sell ships you're not playing anymore to free up slots along the way, you'll probably need a roster of at least 10-20 ships by midgame. This bears explaining:

There are four countries (US, Japan, Germany, Russia). There are four ship types: destroyer, cruiser, battleship, and carrier. Even if you have only one 'favorite' or 'main' ship of each type per country, that's ten ships right there (Germany only has cruisers and Russia only has DD's right now). More than that, you will want to keep a few ships at tiers IV, V and VI, because they earn good money and don't cost you much in repair penalties after a game. You will probably come back to playing ships of these tiers A LOT in order to earn the in-game credits you need for upgrades and to buy new hulls. So one 'money earning' hull of each type per country is 10 slots. You're still probably climbing tiers trying to get to the next hull, so between the 'money maker' and the 'next tier' ship of each type, that's 20 harbor ship slots. You won't get far with the 3-4 free ones they give you to start. 20*300 = 6000. You can get by with less if certain ship types and/or certain navies just don't interest you at all. Everything else is convenience.

Beyond that, you really don't have to spend any more money if you don't want to. Doubloons can be used to train captains faster or buy better consumables for combat, but they're only a *little* better, I wouldn't say they make a huge difference. You can also spend doubloons to convert one ship's extra hull XP for us by other ships; that saves time, but I find that XP grinding, while kind of annoying, is no big deal because it's money grinding that's the real problem.

Microtransaction-squeezing aside, I really like the game, it's lots of fun and I don't begrudge the company the money I've 'had' to spend on the game. (I'm having fun playing it; they've earned it. Besides, considering where I work now, to say otherwise would be pretty bloody hypocritical) The one thing I'd call unfortunate is that the really sexy late-Pacific War ships (i.e. North Carolina and Iowa battleships, Fletcher-class destroyers, Yamato, Lexington, Shokaku, and Essex-class carriers, etc.) are all tiers VIII-X, and so you can't play them exclusively; they eat up too much money. They're money losers (sometimes even if you win), you often can't play with the most iconic ships of WW2 all the time. You will spend a lot of time in light cruisers, Washington Treaty battleships, and fairly old post-WW1 era heavy cruisers that, for lack of a better word, have that old look to them.

This isn't always a bad thing. Despite not being the sexiest ships, they're still fun to play. Also, playing aircraft carriers is something that some people like but doesn't appeal to everybody, for two reasons. First off, you're always at Battle off Samar range, more or less - you can't just attack from afar all the time. The maps are 'small' enough that about halfway through any game you're in peril of getting punked by a destroyer or cruiser. Second, by the time you get to anything you'd call a 'real' carrier and not a jeep carrier, the enemy team will almost always have some middle to late era USN ships, and *any* USN cruiser or battleship, as most of us here probably know, are just *covered* in so much freaking AA that they can shoot down half of your deck complement purely by accident. Was running a tier VI Cleveland-class cruiser once. Very run-of-the-mill USN ship in WW2, nothing special about it. The other team had two carriers, they sent at 36 torpedo planes and divebombers at me. My automated AA crew shot down 23 of them and they didn't score even one hit on me, and I wasn't playing all that well. Needless to say, I saw a lot of colorful language over chat from the other team's CV drivers.

Hope that helps!
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Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Well, alright then. I guess LOAF wasn't kidding when he told me you really liked World of Warships!

I've never played a game like this before so thanks for laying out some of the mechanics. I think I understand the monetary system now.

I wish someone would go back and make an updated version of Battlestations Midway. I thought that was almost the perfect naval combat game. The sequel, Battlestations Pacific, made everything too arcadey.


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The best naval combat game still has to go to Silent Hunter III ;) Nothing beats the free reign patrolling the whole Atlantic ocean, tracking convoys and doing actual mathematical calculations to achieve your goal. It's quite a challenge. Never mind just how much you end up learning about history. What is the difference between a Type II and Type I torpedo, ect. Such a satisfying experience.
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