(WIP) The New Wing Commander [Using FC]

(I'm new to this forum BTW) Like the title says im using Freespace 2 Open for this Project. This WC Project of mine is set in the Argent Sector, starting In the Pheonix System yet this game will have the ships from freespace 2 yet i will try to make an autopilot feature compatible with this game (yet that is gonna be a tough one to do.) since every mission WILL have NAV points. Im using FRED2 to make the missions if your wondering about that.


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Do you have any samples to share or info on the general direction you are going with this mod? Have you talked to any of the guys that made the WC Saga mod for advice on how to make FSO more like wing commander or how to set up mssions in the editor? I know they spent a lot of time getting the autopilot system working among other things.
well this mod does introduce 2 new factions: The Freedom fighters (Allies of the Confederation) and the Dark Leigon (Who Fly BOTH Kilrathi and Confed Fighters). their ship initials are FFCS and DLS btw;)
But no i have not spoken to any of the WCS team yet about the autopilot feature.
Does that count as some general info?
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At this stage in your project, I can't imagine anyone will have a preference for which Wing Commander game your Wing Commander mod pulls from as long as the ships are from Wing Commander...


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The MUP uses Vision (WCP:SO) and we're doing a bunch of work in it to catch it up to a more modern standard. We've updated the Open/GL library to include emit mapping (as well as specular and override maps), and we're begging for normal mapping. With the unlimited patch, we've removed alot of the restrictions around poly counts and turret limits. The mechanics on capships might be different than WC1&2, considering it's component based as opposed to a single destroyable object, but theoretically you could make a giant corvette and have it operate the same as a capship. Might be worth a second look.

Alot of us modders are active on Discord modding chat channel. Feel free to hop on and ask questions, we tend not to bite.
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but i might as well tell you guys about the new squadrons and the ship you are serving on.
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