Wings of Heroes: Confederation Starfighters 2654-2674 by J. "Primate" Allen


F-95c Morningstar

Type: Heavy Fighter
Manufacturer: Origin Aerospace
Length: 30 meters
Mass: 19 Metric Tonnes
Max Velocity: 400kps
Max Afterburner: 1200kps
Acceleration: 225 k/s2
Max Yaw: 60
Max Pitch: 60
Max Roll: 60
Shield: 280cm equivalent
Armour: 160cm fore/aft, 120cm port/starboard
Weapons: 3 Particle Cannon, 2 plasma cannon, 2 weapons bays with 4 hardpoints each, 1 torpedo bay with 1 hardpoint
Decoys: 30
Jump Capable: no

Primates' Notes:

The service version of the Morningstar entered service only a few weeks before The Battle of Earth after a long and protracted development cycle featuring the infamous Society of Mandarins incident. Designed (in part with input from Todd "Maniac" Marshall) to replace the Thunderbolt and Sabre, she was never available in sufficient numbers to do so. Although a wonderful ship to fly (I know, I flew them), it was maintenance intensive and after the initial prototypes' jump drives proved extremely failure prone they had to be removed. Combat experience proved that 3 beam weapons were not enough firepower by the late 60s, so her second design team (sans Marshall) upped them significantly. When most of Origins facilities were destroyed late in the war Morningstar production completely shut down and Confed switched resources to the Bearcat and Excalibur programs.

She was literally the last of her kind; fighter design would split off into dedicated Torpedo Bomber and Space Superiority Fighter streams in the mid 70s.


Black Lance SuperHellcat.jpeg

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F-86s Super Hellcat

Type: Medium Fighter
Manufacturer: Black Lance Skunkworks
Length: 27 meters
Mass: 15 Metric Tonnes
Max Velocity: 450kps
Max Afterburner: 1500kps
Acceleration: 275 k/s2
Max Yaw: 70
Max Pitch: 70
Max Roll: 70
Shield: 220cm equivalent
Armour: 100cm fore/aft, 80cm port/starboard
Weapons: 2 Particle Cannon, 2 Heavy Ion Cannon, 2 weapons bays with 3 hardpoints each, 1 torpedo bay with 1 hardpoint
Decoys: 25
Jump Capable: yes
Other: "Shroud" Mk. 2 Cloaking Device, PID-1 "Flashpack" compatible, Autoslide

Primates' Notes:

Not a time I care to remember.

The Super Hellcats were designed towards the end of the war as both a cheaper alternative to the Bearcat, and as a replacement for the disappointing performance of the Hellcat. Douglas Aerospace gave up on them and put resources towards the Excalibur and Bearcat programs, but the SRA manufactured them in secret from 2672 through 2673. I tangled with them and they came as a nasty surprise. The Heavy Ion Cannon was one of the better guns ever developed by Confed; in practice it exceeded designer expectations with twice the stopping power of the standard ion cannon with no additional power, range, refire delay, or velocity costs (ignore the official stats; Maverick, Hawk and I discussed this at length!). The "Supcat" (pronounce soupcat!) also had a cloak, could autoslide, and was capable of delivering the infamous "Flashpacks". I lost quite a few friends to Black Lance forces piloting these.

In the end, with the destruction of the Black Lance, the Super Hellcat was retired as the Bearcat had superior performance and could replace both the Arrow and original Hellcat.