#wingnut event - Rewatching Babylon 5...


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The #wingnut regulars are going to begin rewatching the entire B5 series and films in the coming days.

If you are interested the rewatches will occur after 6pm EST in #wingnut starting in a few days. We are going to start with "The Gathering" and move through the seasons...

If you don't own the series but have Netflix, you can stream The Gathering and all the seasons to your computer or xbox 360.

We'll let you know when we are going to start but it should be a few days at the most...
I don't necessarily want to watch Babylon 5 again, but as long as everyone else is doing it, I will too.
If you are interested I have been reading through JMS's scripts and his old posts and I've been trying to figure out what order he intended the first season. Season 2-5 should all be watched in production order but season one is a little different. I can post the order I've figured out if anyone is interested.

Here is the order I have.

Midnight on the Firing Line
Soul Hunter
Born to the Purple
And the Sky Full of Stars
The War Prayer
The Parliament of Dreams
Mind War
By Any Means Necessary
Signs and Portents
A Voice in the Wilderness part 1
A Voice in the Wilderness part 2
The Quality of Mercy
Babylon Squared

This is the best order that I've figured out so far. It's still work in progress.
...starting Friday evening (EST) with The Gathering...

Join us if you'd like for B5 and I'm sure WC chat....
I started my own rewatch two weeks before this started, I'm on season 4 now. Only just seen this thread, good to know I'm not the only one watching my way through this. Should have the last of the DVDs soon (Only missing Crusade)
B5, Gosh I must have watched it a thousand times. Which version of The Gathering did you play? Based on the commentary in the DVD JMS says I have two slightly different versions released with different DVD packs.

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Gave me chills when I saw Tron Legacy, I love Bruce.
I love B5, one of my favorite sci fi series (along with firefly).

Just a little bit off topic: did "crusade" ever have an end?