Wing Commander women


So, if you could have a shot at one of these WC ladies, whom would it be?

01) Rachel (WC3)
02) Angel (WC3)
03) Panther (WC4)
04) Sosa (WC4)
05) Stilletto (WCP)
06) Flint (WC3)

I won't put the CAG on the list, because I have heard rumors that Chris Reid wants to date her. :D

Strangely enough, the one I was most attracted to was Sosa. She had an earthy charm about her. Rachel was like public transportation (everyone gets a ride), Angel was nice-looking, but I hated her French accent (no offense to any French-speaking people here), Panther was too bleeding-heart liberal for me, Stilleto was a ball-buster, and Flint seemed like everyone's sister.
01) Rachel Coriolis = Not interested
02) Jeannette 'Angel' Devereaux = I would not mind dating her, Im a sucker for Eurpoean women
03) Tamara 'Panther' Farnsworth = I would date her
04) Velina Sosa = Hmmm don't know
05) Jean 'Stiletto' Talvert = She is a ball break me thinks, but I would date her
06) Robin 'Flint' Peters = Don't know

"So, if you could have a shot at one of these WC ladies, whom would it be?"
Well personally I would not, because for names sake if I did, it would be a choice between Angel or Panther
As a slightly off-topic consideration, I've been wondering recently why so often women put in positions of high command in Wing Commander end up in a bad way.


Admiral Bergstrom (WCA Episode 6, Chain of Command): Loses the Trafalger Battle Group through arrogance and and bad luck

Space Marshall Gregerov (Pilgrim Stars): Handling of the Olympus crisis somewhat dismal

Minister Jamison (Fleet Action): Betrays Confederation secrets and bullies its leaders into accepting the false peace

Admiral Petranova (Wing Commander IV): Part of The Project conspiracy

Admiral Harnett (Wing Commander IV): Part of The Project Conspiracy; commits suicide

To be fair, there are a lot of traitors and bad apples on the male side of Confed as well, and its share of female heroes as well (Angel, Spirit, Svetlana, Sparks), but none of them are as highly placed as those above. The Admiral commanding the Ark Royal Battle Group from Action Stations is the only decent commander I can think of.
criticalmass said:
Boy, that lady can drink.

You said it. Though it seems like everyone in Prophecy are constantly drinking. Then when you see Finley having tea it's kind of refreshing after watching everyone in pilot country taking shots.