Wing Commander Themes Available for Cheap (May 19, 2010)


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Wing Commander Arena themes for the XBox 360 have gotten a big price cut! They're available now for just 50 MS Points, which is down from 150 points originally. At the going conversion rates, this makes the price today just slightly more than 60 cents! That's an incredibly small price to pay for various Darket, Dralthi, Paktahn, Arrow, Rapier and Broadsword variants gracing your screen in beautiful 1080p resolution. Both theme packs are about 3 megabytes and can be purchased/downloaded from Arena's tab under Arcade games in the XBox Live Marketplace.

Note that the way themes are integrated into the background of the current XBox dashboard is a little different than when Arena launched. They now appear "on the horizon" behind the current menu selection, although full screen Wing Commander images also fade in and out during menu transitions. Check out how they used to look here. And how about those faction mottos under the item descriptions?! For the glory of Kilrah, the Emperor and the Empire! Long Live the Terran Confederation!

Original update published on May 19, 2010
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It would be interesting to know how much of these themes have been sold. Is there anyway to find out?
Probably not super well in so far as Arena wasn't a top seller itself. But only SIXTY CENTS! That's an insaneocrazy good deal to Wing Commander up your dashboard.