Wing Commander SNES-ish renderings of other Wing Commander games' music


After ripping the raw instruments and sound effects from Wing Commander's SNES port, I decided to reconstruct them using loop points and see how other Wing Commander games' music might have sounded with the SNES' instrumentation.

Wing Commander III - Strike Mission BGM
Wing Commander III - Bridge BGM

These songs may not follow the SNES sound capabilities' perfectly, it's more of a best guess instrumentation-wise. I was always a fan of the instruments used in this particular version.

Feel free to give them a listen, and comment if you please. As for the reason to choose Megaupload... I don't have hosting of my own.
Am not quite sure what I'm supposed to be listening to here? - they sound like bad midi renditions of the wc3 tunes (is that the point?). It's an interesting exercise i guess. Which are the tracks to compare them to?
Ok, having just listened to them against their originals - this is a cool concept (though as I say, without the direct reference it's easy to mistake the two!)