Wing Commander Saga Preview Trailer Released


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what a Trailier and what a fantastic Job I nearly hit the flor I thought that was from origin it looks so so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job, Tolwyn. Seeing this fine piece makes my miserable life a bit more happier. :)

Especially the Behemoth jumping in and flying past you is extremely cool.
Great Work! Loved the ingame captures.
Thanks for all the work put into the mod and looking forward to it eagerly :p
I still think you should spend some time diversifying your movie skills a bit, then expanding that and turning it into a long Wing Commander story.
I will do that. But first I am going to create a 4 min intro for the Awakening of the Claw campaign (WCS: BG). That should help me improving my skills and then.... I would like to create a Wing Commander battle movie :D
Lynx said:
Especially the Behemoth jumping in and flying past you is extremely cool.

My idea ^__^ hey Tolwyn didn't I said so that it is a cool idea.
Wow, forget about the CGI, those in-game graphics are AWESOME! For a game that old, the Freespace 2 engine still looks good. The movement of the AI and the ships exploding all seem so fluid it looks so damn pro. I love it!

The models could use a better texture job though...
that is exacvtly what is being done right now. Also, many improvements to the engine are to come. (like glow maps or specular mapping)
yes, but there is one thing you should keep in mind: if there is no shine map, fsopen uses the default hull texture. In this case the effect doesn't look always good.
can't get the preview to work

I have divx, but it freezes up the image when it gets to showing that gray planet, any tips on how to fix this so I can watch it?
I think some are new, but there's some voices in that trailer that have been ripped directly off Freespace 2.
correct, some of the voices used in the trailer are ripped from FS2. But don't worry, our voice actors are quite good :D