Wing Commander Saga Plus Pack development started

That's just wrong. The code was made available once it was finished. As in "finished". Also keep in mind that we submitted various features to FSO over the years, it is just that at one point our paths diverged, see explanation below.

I take it was sent to the FSO devs? I did double/triple check in case it popped up over the years before making such claims and it doesn't appear to be public anywhere. I figured a Saga dev would pop up and let me know I was being a fool. :)

{EDIT}Should have done a simple google search Apparently its been up for three years, just isn't at the moment. Well, my grievance has been long settled. I apologize for being a fool.
Quarto's post is a precisely analysis of the situation. :) I agree with it and i don't want to further discuss this point (FSO/WCS Open) in this topic. We use the WCS+ engine for that which also have lots of improvements and several bugfixes and i spent realy a lot of my sparse time to develop this special WCS branch. Our business is WCSD and WCSPP, not FSO. Point.
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Hi Guys,

we're still alive and working on WCSPP, but reallife is keeping us more busy than initially expected.
It will take more time until we're able to provide the first test build.
So, I won't start hiring more testers until there is something to test.