Wing Commander Saga download stats (and link to the mirror list)


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I don't have mod rights here, so i post a new thread instead modifying an existing thread.

I found a way to install my internal download counter script i created 2013 on my own website also on This post is meant as tribute to the Wing Commander fans around the world, to the Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn Team and to the Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn mirrors. Thank you all to help, keeping Wing Commander alive!

WCS:TDD download counter

  • EDIT: Counter URL deleted because of script kiddies. Very funny! (Luke 2014/08/24 13:11)

(If you don't see the counter picture: simply wait
a few seconds, the counter is updating currently.)

  • There are more mirrors for WCS:TDD but without visible DL counter. So this data is meant as "minimum".
  • To reduce the traffic to the mirrors, the update cycle is minimum 24 hours.
  • If you click on the counter pic you get the raw data from all mirrors in table format.

WCS download mirror list
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Yesterday we reached 700.000 confirmed downloads! There are more but not all mirrors have a visible download counter.


Note: this pic comes from the WCSD front page.


Congratulations to the Wing Commander Saga Team! :)
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Hi delMar

I think the WCS team can be proud a bit. ;)

Maybe the WCSD team can push this further if the WCSD project is finished. ^^ We will see...
The mirror list on CIC and the most other lists are outdated and they contain only a few mirrors. At we have a more up to date list of all mirrors. At the moment we have 22 active download mirrors for WCS.

WCS download mirror list

At there was technical issues the last week but it seems Tolwyn has fixed it.
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