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Here's a dumb question for y'all, one I probably don't need to worry about for a little while, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Does anybody have access to the same font they used to make the header on the box for WC1? The best I've got is a font called StopD; it's damned close, but the letter "I" is wrong; it shows up as a lowercase I. I thought about taking a crack at fixing it, but figured I should see if I'd be duplicating someone else's effort first.

Should have the first prototype picture of the RPG's front cover up at the site later today, if anyone's interested. I know I've got more important things to work on right now besides art, but I was in the mood. And Wikia kinda almost insists on it......

Glad to see this has continued!

I did start converting to the d6 system sometime ago but they hard drive crashed I think and haven't tried to recover the data.

I am thinking of retrying this again for wc1 craft as I enjoyed trying to tie it to the d6 system as more of a mod for the star wars 2nd Ed rules.

More to come down the track!
LOXX is another one, but it has issues also. there is yet another I am forgetting the name of..

LOXX is the one they used for Saga, looks like. Hmm....naw, looking at it, it's got the same problem with the "I". Lemme know if you do think of the name of that other font.


Glad to see this has continued!

I did start converting to the d6 system sometime ago but they hard drive crashed I think and haven't tried to recover the data.

I am thinking of retrying this again for wc1 craft as I enjoyed trying to tie it to the d6 system as more of a mod for the star wars 2nd Ed rules.

More to come down the track!

I know the Star Wars d6 is an older system and I've seen it before, but it's been close to 20 years ago. Would you mind giving me a refresher in how exactly it works? I was lucky to pick up a couple of source guides for SW v. 2 a few years ago, but wasn't able to decipher their stats (I haven't been as lucky finding the core rules).

Feel free to stop by #wingnut if you've got questions or anything. On most evenings you'll find a good number of regulars in there chatting about WC.

I might have to do that.
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Question: just looking at some of the encyclopedia articles today...the article on Hobbes states that he was born in 2641, but was serving on the Ras Nik'hra in 2650 when the rest of his family was killed. So......Hobbes was nine years old and captain of a Kilrathi cruiser? Seems a bit inconsistent. Where does that date (2641) come from? 2621 seems more likely to me (or better yet, 2611). 2641 kinda strikes me as being reflective more of Kirha's birthdate...
Made my first "contribution" to the WCPedia today...I corrected a couple of redlinks on the first Standoff mission page. Am I okay to do little stuff like this, or is it on someone's to-do list already? I don't want to step on someone's toes if I can help it. Related question: would a link back to the main index page on each mission page be helpful? I've got something like that going on with the WCRPG pages.

In WCRPG-related news, I've got just about everything dumped over from SFRPG that I can dump straight over. Now the hard work begins: I've got to account for changes between the two universes, and there are a lot of 'em. That said, I do have some work done on the first brand-new thing for WCRPG, namely a Sector generation procedure, which I'm trying out today. Built a prototype record sheet for it over the weekend; I'll have to let you know how it works out. So far, I've got it as a one-pager; it's looking like I might have to make it a two-pager.
Hey Bandit LOAF, I found a link to an old Wing Commander Aces Club page the other day with information on the Kilrathi. Had your name on it (I think that's you, anyway). How much of that information is canonical, and how much of it was made specifically for the Aces?

I miss the Aces...never got to finish reading all the stuff from King of the Mountain.
If you have specific questions about WCPedia stuff it's better to start threads or comment in one of the WCPedia threads in the General CZ, otherwise these will get buried.

Not sure about the Hobbes stuff off the top of my head.

The Standoff guide is something being done a bit "outside" of WCPedia in that it's a fan project of a fan project. One thing would just be to make sure that if you are working in an area someone else already is, that coordination is key to prevent more work being created through different approaches.

Best thing is to drop by #wingnut. I know most of us will be in tonight going over some stuff.
I think the smallest is the KF-227 Salthi at 6.5 meters. Largest is harder to figure; I think the Lance is longest at 40 meters and the Broadsword is most massive at 100 tones... but I bet something like the super wide Gladius is technically "biggest".

No canonical stars for the Bloodfang, sorry.

The official length numbers don't look good when combining from all WC games. So...

I scaled the small ships in the image to fit light/medium/heavy fighters and bombers with one another. I used the F-16, F-14 and SR-71 size for reference.

The Capital ships don't look so bad when grouped together, but I think the Talahasee should be larger since it's a cruiser.
One of these days I do need to get on #wingnut; evenings are just bad in general for me...

@RC1207: You wouldn't happen to have a similar image of fighters/ships from a side view, would you? I've been relying on the old ship's database for imagery to figure out overall dimensions of each craft - something which I really should get back to, to be honest - and some of those images you can tell are angled. WCPedia is probably a more up to date source (discovered last night that they had the same model for the Southampton for the WC3 Caernarvon frigate).

Let's see......the math on the Tallahassee....530.00 m long x 103.99 m draught x 228.77 m beam, for a total bounding box of 12,535,481.06 m^3 (and that's including the masts). It is a small ship (the Southampton winds up with a bigger bounding box, due to the increased bulk of that ship around its engine cowlings). Though, that might be a good thing for a powerful combat vessel; smaller usually means faster and a minimized aspect to present to an opponent as a target.

The math is looking like most of the capships are heftier than what I was working with in Starflight; might be another system tweak in the works. Joy.
Tests of the Sector generation routine and the Nav Map generation routine are complete; I've definitely got a good working system there, which now I just need to codify. Building a template for Nav Maps could be a bit tricky, but I think it's going to be necessary, especially if I get folks who want to have a Privateer-like experience in one of the other Sectors.

Now I need to work on Star System Generation; this will be the full star system generation model, so you'd get something closer to what you see in the books. Part of that's going to be dependent on the Sector map (and Nav Map, if one is generated); going to have to figure out how to incorporate data from those routines into the procedure. I'm also going to have to determine if I want to beef up what I had for Starflight or not.

Kinda just rambling to myself here, I guess. Helps me to articulate my problems on occasion.
Been a while since I posted anything on this front. I'm going to be helping out the TacOps guys on one of their Alphas (and see if there's any ideas I can stea......uh, borrow, there). With the RPG, I've been mainly working on the nav map front. My procedures for creating Sectors and star system maps are pretty much done at this point, though I need to get some working examples up on the site. I'm hoping I can get some time to work on those today; I've got a half-way finished Sector map on which I just need to finish drawing up all the jump tunnels. I've now also got placeholders in for most of the pages on the wiki, and a working set of navigational links that will take you most of the way from beginning to end (I need to set pages up for races other than the Terrans and Kilrathi at this point).

I've also been working on WCTB lately. I still need to come up with systems and core damage rules, rules for ejection, upgrades and training. I've been working hard on the initial ships catalog as well; I've got about half-a-dozen craft to go before I'll have game stats ready for the WC1 craft. My intent here is to get the WC2 craft in as well for the initial draft, and then add stats on more craft as I get further along (where I'm missing data is largely in the later ships; my information on Prophecy-era craft is woefully incomplete right now).

Second draft of the RPG's cover image is up on the site.
Hey all. Been a week since I posted anything; just thought I'd give y'all a quick update. Last week was largely spent working on WCTB. I do have the first set of completed draft rules up on the site at this point, though I've already noted some things that definitely need to be tweaked (for example, I need to reset core damage to happen if and only if armor has been depleted). Craft and technologies in WCTB are currently limited to the WC1/WC2 era, but I plan to add more as work progresses. Work on WCRPG is still focused on the early 10.2.x chapters (i.e. Sector/System/World generation), with 10.2.1 and 10.2.2 complete at this point and significant progress on 10.2.3. I still need to add examples to 10.2.3 and work out a system for placing jump points; the jump point FAQ has been somewhat helpful in this regard. I may still need to tweak a few things from SFRPG in 10.2.3; I'm in the process of building a multi-star system example, and there have been a few snags. Work has also commenced on 10.2.4 (creating worlds).
Another quick update; was focused on 10.2.3 (system creation) again this last week. Pretty much revamped the whole system for something still relatively easy but more realistic. I put up an example of the system last night and the chapter's pretty much done pending a final review. World creation is next; I hope to finish that up quickly, and move on to community creation (10.2.5) later in the week.
Had another slow week this week, largely on account of SF3 getting under-way again and time spent with the TacOps team. I've largely finished up star system creation at this point, though I found one or two tweaks I'll need to make to that Chapter (to account for moons). The bulk of the week was spent on world creation; that chapter is just about finished at this point. Tweaking it was actually a bit easier than I thought. This week, I hope to get pictures in place for system and world creation, and get a fair amount of work done on community creation.
Morning, wingnuts. Still slogging through Chapter Ten this last week, though I made some pretty good progress this last week. I've finished up world creation at this point and was able to finish up community creation this past Friday, and began work in earnest on object creation over the weekend. At this point a simple system is in place for the creation of mundane objects; I'm currently in the process of re-working the more robust procedure for non-mundane objects. Work's progressing fairly fast on that section (Chapter 10.2.6) and I hope to have things finished up there relatively soon. After object creation, it'll be time to do creature creation - after which I might finally be able to get started working on races. I hope to be fairly far along with that by this time last week.
Alright, so I'm about ready to begin with creature creation, but I've got a small problem. When I did this chapter for SFRPG, I included an example of how the procedure could be used to create an intelligent species, and later put the same text that appeared in the example in that race's profile. I'd like to do the same thing here, but I'm curious if anyone out there has a preference as to which alien species they'd like to see first. Just asking.