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Good Monday, Wingnuts! Time for the weekly WCRPG Update.

This was a pretty short week overall as far as opportunities to work were concerned; my wife pretty much ensured the notion of me actually taking Labor Day completely off and Friday I had some RL involving my older son that largely curtailed work on that day. My laptop's power supply is on the fritz, so that took out the weekend. Nevertheless, I was able to get a fair amount of work done, all things considered.

Work this week was focused completely on Chapters 2.2.x (the remaining species profiles in Chapter 2). Found an addition error this morning in the last update - namely, I had twelve species left to go last week, not nine. I got six of those races completed last week: The Mantu on Tuesday, the Hagarin and Wu on Wednesday, the Haggan and Jarma on Thursday, and the Double Helix on Friday. As I was working along with completing profiles, I did take the time to work on bits and pieces of the remaining six species (the Mopoks, Dolosians, Dioscuri, Oasians, Steltek and Nephilim). On Tuesday, I dropped in the basic characteristics data for these races, their territory sections were filled out on Wednesday, their sections on their relationships with other races were filled on Thursday, and some notes on their physical descriptions sections were dropped in on Friday. Friday also saw the completion of the onomastikon sections for the Dioscuri and Oasians, with significant notes also added for the Dolosians and some notes added for the Mopoks.

The plan for this week is to try and finish up Chapter 2.2.x (which would at long last close out Chapter Two in the process). The preparatory work I did on the remaining six races this week should facilitate that nicely; each really only needs their personality, physical description and motivation sections completed. Of that work, it's really just the physical description that's tricky at all. I do intend to re-watch "Lords of the Sky", "Recreation" and "Glory of Sivar" to get some notes on the Dolosians, Dioscuri and Oasians for their personality sections - that should happen today. I also still need to decide what to do with the Steltek and Nephilim onomastikons; I have ideas and I need to get them written down pretty quick. Once the last of the races are zipped up, I'll be headed to the Who's Who in Chapter 12.2. The game will be very close to completion at that point - all that would be left is the Who's Who, the non-canonical vehicle/capital ship catalogs, and the appendices/index. As I mentioned last week, I would appreciate it if y'all took a look at the species pages as I finish them up, review them and tell me what you think.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread.

WCRPG now stands at 88.23% complete as of this morning. Next week, with luck, it'll be somewhere in the 93-95% range...
Been working on the list of characters for the Who's Who the last day or two. I'm about done compiling the list but I could use a quick bit of help today (since I'm at work and don't have access to my copies of Academy or the novels). Here's what I think I need to round out the list:

From Academy: What is Archer's full name? Are there any other major characters in the series besides Tolwyn, Maverick, Maniac and Grunt? (The doctor perhaps...)
In WC2: Are there any other major Kilrathi characters besides the Emperor, Thrakhath and Khasra?
WC2/SO1: What was Bondarevsky's rank at the time?
End Run: "Round Top" Chamberlain - what was his first name?
False Colors: My list here is completely empty. I know Krueger, Bondarevsky, Tolwyn and Sparks are in it, but I can't for the life of me remember the names of any of the Cats or the guy who led the contingent of survivors from Juneau. Or the Irish guy, can't remember his name.
Arena: I'll flat out ask - are there any characters in Arena that aren't in Star*Soldier?

The Who's Who is only going to contain major characters from the series - there are just too many folks for me to do them all (and the list is pretty damn long already).
Good Monday, Wingnuts! This will be the first update that I intend to repost over on the new RSI forums, so I will also wish a Good Monday to all Starlancers and Freelancers out there as well (and I'll also mention that I haven't gotten around to all y'all's RPG yet...). Like most of you, I was quite excited to learn that a Chris Roberts has a new project in the works, and am also waiting for next month's announcement as to what that project will be.

For the benefit of the expanded audience, WCRPG's development thread can be found here, and the game itself is available at

Moving along to this week's update. This last week my intent was to try to finish up the remaining species profiles in Chapter 2.2.x and then move on to the Who's Who in Chapter 12.2. I can report that the work in Chapter 2.2.x was completed as planned - Monday, after reviewing the three Academy episodes mentioned in the last update, I was able to complete the Mopok, Oasian, Dolosian and Dioscuri profiles, leaving just the Steltek and Nephilim profiles for work on Tuesday. I was able to complete the profile work on those two species on Tuesday, closing up 2.2.x and rounding out Chapter Two in the process. Before moving to 12.2, however, I decided to round up some outstanding work I needed to get done in some of the other chapters. I was rather dismayed to find I hadn't yet done a vehicle/capital ship record sheet for the game (something I should've attended to when I was still working with all the vehicles this past summer), and so I went ahead and built one. I also built a general community record sheet, something I'd been intending to do for the better part of the last year. Both of those were done on Tuesday and were added to Appendix Two that day; their addition actually allowed me to round out work on that Appendix. As I was working on that Appendix, I realized that all of the "engine" work on the game was complete and so I could go ahead and "seed" Appendix One (Charts and Tables) with its data. That work got done on Wednesday, and I can report that Appendices One and Two are complete as of this morning. Since I only have three Appendices, I did ultimately decide to go for broke and try to wrap up Appendix Three (Glossary and Acronym Key) as well. That work got relatively far along, but was not completed this past week. As of this morning, I've finished my examination of the game up to Chapter 8.2, which is where I intend to pick things up later today.

As far Chapter 12.2 is concerned, there was some work accomplished on Wednesday, mainly in regards of who will be there (and in what sections). The characters of Tolwyn, Blair, Marshall, Taggart, and Thrakhath will appear in multiple sections - they are the major characters in the series, of course - with other major characters appearing one or two times at most (as they progress and change over time). There are some sources for which I have yet to compile data, which is accounting for the overall delay with getting started in that Chapter. So far, the list is at 170 characters (so this is definitely the biggest piece of data work in the game overall). Keep in mind I only intend to do major characters here - ancillary wingmen won't find their way into the chapter (otherwise the list would be a LOT larger). All other work in the game this past week mainly involved corrections of minor errors and typos throughout the game (the ones I was spotting as I was working on Appendix Three).

The work on the Appendices has changed my plans ever so slightly; the plan for this week is to finish up Appendix Three and move full force into Chapter 12.2, finalized list ready or not. I have no illusions about getting any other work done this week; there's enough work for me to do in Chapter 12.2 to probably take up the next month. I am considering doing some of the work in 12.2 concurrently with the remaining work in the non-canonical vehicle/capital ship catalogs (Chapter 6.4 and 7.4), just to keep from becoming overly bored on character creation. Master plan has me working on those two chapters next anyway. Once Appendix Three is done, it's just 12.2, 6.4 and 7.4 left and then time to move on to the Index.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I would also appreciate it if any of y'all would be willing to give me some feedback on the game's species profiles.

WCRPG now stands at 95.50% complete as of this morning.
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Good Monday, Wingnuts and Freelancers! Time for this week's WCRPG Update.

This week was largely spent gathering information for Chapter 12.2 (Who's Who in the WC Universe). After finishing up the Glossary and Acronym Key in Appendix Three (rounding out the Appendices) on Tuesday, I set myself to the task of finalizing the character list, making sure I had correct ranking information for the various time periods, and gathering up data from their WCPedia and CIC Encyclopedia entries (incidentally, I'm finding that with the exception of Privateer 2 the character entries at WCPedia are seriously lacking, an area I may turn my attention to with that project once I get an opportunity). The final list is 197 characters, some of which are repeats over time (people like Blair, Tolwyn, Maniac, Paladin, etc.). I still have 76 characters for which I need to put in basic information. No stats are available yet; that'll be the easy part of the work that has to be done.

To help break up the monotony of the work on the Who's Who, I've decided to take on work in Chapters 6.4 and 7.4 (the non-canon craft chapters) at the same time. The notion is to do one craft per day in one chapter or the other and alternate between the two on different days. I have seeded the "finalized" list of entries (though I'll still gladly take more) for both chapters, and at this point the Wake-class and the Rapier-I are both up. Later today I will put starfox1701's Vanguard-class battleship up (and about damn time, too). I'm not sure where I'll proceed from there, though most likely I'll be working on the Saga and Standoff-based craft first. I may be asking the community for help in gathering up statistics for a few of the ships as time goes by.

One last thing that happened this week was a "new paint job" over on the wiki (I got tired of seeing advertisements for Pokemon White or the Sims 3 every freakin' time I wasn't logged into the site). I'm not quite sure I like what I put up (I might need to adjust the background a bit still), but y'all might have a different opinion; comments would be welcome.

Alright, so the plan at this point is to work on those three Chapters - 12.2, 6.4 and 7.4. I don't anticipate finishing up any of them any time soon - I'd estimate three weeks at a minimum, and that's only if things go much better than I anticipate in 12.2. Only other thing left in the game at this point after them is the Index.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread.

WCRPG now stands at 96.40% complete as of this morning. I anticipate it staying there for a while.
Hey Wolfman, I never heard if you got around to building characters and how it went. Are you still having problems?
Good Monday, Wingnuts! Time for the weekly WCRPG Update.

This turned out to be a pretty short and unproductive week for me, owing to the fact that last Monday my elder son got sick and ultimately passed it on to me via his baby brother. I also had family visit over the weekend. Work continues to go slowly on the Who's Who in Chapter 12.2 though I think I am just about out of the info gathering stage and am about ready to start assigning stats to characters. I did make the decision on Tuesday to add what information was available on characters from Standoff and Saga to the Who's Who (as non-canon characters, of course), and on Wednesday I was able to build a "characteristics calculator" that should make assigning skill sets go by much more quickly (it doesn't handle skill specializations, so that should be what slows things up). I will say that I used my time while I was ill to crack open Action Stations and get some information on the characters there. Minor work also happened in the non-canon craft chapters (6.4 and 7.4), with the addition of stats for starfox1701's Vanguard-class battleship and a header for the KF-100 Dralthi. As a nod to the old Aces Club, attempted to add stats for Kevin Scholl's Miles D'Arby-class on Wednesday; I've come to the determination that it is too small as described (using a straight conversion from mass to volume), so I'll have to do a little tweaking to make it work. I may need to go back to where I found the stats and check to see what I can find out about the stats of small craft associated with the class (which is also described a bit vaguely). A few more headers were added last night to some of the work that had already been done in the non-canon craft chapters.

The plan remains the same: work on 12.2, 6.4 and 7.4 until they're all done, then head on to the Index.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread.

WCRPG remains at 96.40% complete as of this morning.
Been farting around a little with trying to use mass as a means of determining a ship's size. I've come to the conclusion that particular method isn't really going to work - the mass ratings given for ships definitely don't reflect displacement. At best, they're inertial masses, which (for the later ships with definite acceleration ratings) is useful for determining the amount of force the engine can output, but would be dependent on knowledge of a ship's density to equate to size - other information I don't have.

Mainly was trying this out for my next RPG (already in the planning stages) but I had also tried using this for a few of the non-canon ships, which were coming out too small. Nothing really going on here; just voicing a problem, feel free to comment if you wish.
Good Monday, Wingnuts! Time for the weekly WCRPG Update.

Had a somewhat fuller week than last week and I can report finally beginning to make some headway against the massive list of characters in Chapter 12.2 (the Who's Who). A lot of what's been happening has been behind the scenes stuff, including various calculations, die rolls and so forth. On Monday, I finished making notes on the general archetype templates to apply to each character, determined their handedness, height and weight, and created tables in the calculator spreadsheet I mentioned last week for each combination of species/archetype/hero point level involved. All characters got a blank stats table added to them on Tuesday and I completed the first character on the list (Barbara Miles) that same day. Three more characters (Kree'kai, Rikik and Janet Williamson) were finished up on Wednesday; that's as far as I got with actually finishing characters up for the week (four down, 213 to go - yes, the list grew again this week, but not by much). On Thursday and Friday, I decided to get the headers reduced and reformatted for the characters from Privateer 2, basing some of the statistics on those characters from what I could find out about the actors portraying the character (for example, Uncle Kashumai is 1.75 meters tall and was born on .282 - same as Brian Blessed). I rounded out the week by moving into the headers for the Standoff characters, and I'll likely move into the headers for the few Saga characters I have early next week. My hope is to have those three sets of characters - Privateer 2, Saga and Standoff - done by next week's update.

Work also continued in the non-canon craft Chapters (6.4 and 7.4) this week, with most of the work centered on getting in the stats on craft from Saga and Standoff. I can report much greater success with the Saga craft in this regard, with data extracted from the game on Monday, that data added to the wiki on Tuesday and Wednesday, and calculations of total volume and size class off and on throughout the rest of the week. I should be in a position to finalize stats on the Saga craft this week. Getting information from Standoff has proven trickier, a fact made more annoying by the fact that it's obvious I was able to do so without any problems just four months ago. I have gotten back into Standoff for most of the craft I needed in order to get side profile shots and calculate their sizes, and speed and defense data is readily available from in game. The problem remains with determining armament, and checking to see how much of the data I've collected is correct. I also did some work this week on some of the other craft that have been done to date, including two updates for the Miles D'Arby-class (with at least one more such update necessary once the Phoenix shuttle is complete), and the addition of a header for the Gamora fighter from Enyo. Finally, I will mention that I did some work on Friday with determining whether or not I could derive the overall volume of a craft based on the mass rating it's given in its stats. I came to the conclusion that the mass listed isn't a register tonnage, which explains why some ships such as the Miles D'Arby were coming out too small; that's what I was using to try to figure out their volumes. More likely those are inertial mass ratings, which as it turns out are mostly useless in determining an object's size (at least not without knowing its density). I am still tackling the problem and hope to have something useable soon.

The overall plan for the game remains the same: work on 12.2, 6.4 and 7.4 until they're all done, then head on to the Index.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread.

I know that like many of you I'm waiting in anticipation for Wednesday's announcement from RSI. I hope y'all would understand when I say that, while I would welcome a new Wing Commander game with open arms, I'm kinda hoping at this point that their new project isn't a WC reboot - because I'd have to try to find a way to shoehorn it into WCRPG and figuring out all that new information with it already being this far along would be a pain. Of course, if it isn't a WC reboot, it might mean a future opportunity to check to see just how robust a system I've actually built here. I guess there's only one thing I can do, of course: make sure I get my Golden Ticket printed off and wait to see what's happening on Wednesday. I regret that I'll probably have to be at work and on duty at 10 EST, where I will likely not be in a position to see the live announcement...

Somebody will record it, right? Anyone?

WCRPG remains at 96.40% complete as of this morning.
Looks like I'm going to get to go with the "future opportunity to check to see just how robust a system I've actually built". Big sigh of relief there.

Of course, watch them turn around and have the Cats somewhere in the new universe because enough of the players are chatting about them...
Good Monday, Wingnuts! (Perhaps I should say Good Monday, Citizens? I don't know what the proper semantics involved with Star Citizen will be just yet). In any case, it's time for the weekly WCRPG Update.

Well, it's definitely been an interesting week around the CIC. Like many of you, I'm both stunned and thrilled by Wednesday's announcement, and I do look forward to experiencing this new universe with all of you. I don't know about you guys, but I'll admit that when the trailer started playing on GameSpot and the words "Vega Sector, Kurasawa System" came up on the screen, followed by the indication of UEES Paul Steed as a Bengal-class carrier, I got excited enough that what was being announced was a WC remake that I about pissed myself (which, considering that I was at work at the time, would've been more than slightly embarrassing). At the same time, for the reasons I specified in the last update, I'm glad Star Citizen isn't a new WC game proper. I really don't want to have to wait around for two years just so I could put all the stuff from it in the game...

As far as WCRPG goes, this week was pretty much more of the same as it's been for the last few weeks. While I did not get as far with the Who's Who as I'd hoped, I did get fourteen character profiles done this week, and for the first time since work began in earnest on 12.2 I didn't add to the total number of profiles to be done. This brings the total up to seventeen finished character profiles, with 199 left to go. The Saga characters are done, and the Standoff characters are done except for Lieutenant Freyers and Chief Henderson. Those two are on the blocks for this week along with the P2 characters. At the current rate of completion, I estimate it's gonna take me another three and a half months to finish up 12.2. I am exploring ways to speed up the process; I imagine once principle work is complete in Chapters 6.4 and 7.4, I'll be more focused on it.

Work on 6.4 and 7.4 (the non-canon craft chapters) was fairly significant this week, owing to the data I got out of Saga last week. I can also finally report success in getting the information I was looking for out of Standoff (thanks again to Quarto and the Standoff staff for their kind assistance), and a number of Standoff-based craft were completed this week in both chapters. At this point, most of the craft that were originally planned for Chapter 6.4 are complete. In fact, I lack only three craft mentioned in Action Stations - the Hurricane, Gladiator and Falcon - before what's been planned will be finished. I have a plan of action for these craft, and I anticipate being able to "finish" that chapter this week. In 7.4, I still need to process the stat sets on the Hakaga-class from Standoff and the Savannah, Pelileu, Fralath, Dubav and Behemoth-classes from Saga. A little digging on the CIC forums on Friday yielded stats for the Steltek Drone and Scout, enough information to put both of them back in Chapter 7.3 at the earliest opportunity (thanks for posting that information back in '05, LOAF). I also went ahead and crated set stats for the Jakhari and Belleau Wood based on how they seem to behave in Armada; I'm not sure about the stats I created, but I'm pretty sure they're as good as I'm going to get. The Steltek Carrier is the only craft in 7.4 that has had absolutely no work done on it at this point; I may work on it if I have some spare time this coming week.

The overall plan hasn't changed: work on 12.2, 6.4 and 7.4 until they're all done, then head on to the Index. I am considering redoing the design of the Hvar'kann-class currently in Chapter 7.3 in order to add some of the features of the Saga design (namely its armament; I felt it was a bit anemic as it turned out). I've had an idea for what I may want to do for my next WCRPG offering, and there was an idea that I had about the time I was working on Armada PNP that I'm thinking about revisiting now that WCRPG is more complete. Whether or not I'll do either this week yet, I haven't decided yet.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I will continue accepting submissions right up until work in completed on the Index, so if you're stressing over the notion of 6.4 being done this week, don't; I'll take eleventh hour stuff. I'll probably even be grateful for the distraction if 12.2 continues to drag on.

WCRPG remains at 96.40% complete as of this morning.
So I mentioned this morning that I had an idea for what I might want to do for my next WCRPG offering. Lemme run the idea past you guys and see what you think.

Basically, it boils down to one of the historic engagements of the Terran-Kilrathi War, but from the perspective of the Marines.

Now, there are several possibilities for what that might entail. McAullife, Firekka, Vukar Tag/Strike Force Valkyrie, Repleetah, the Battle of Earth; these are all possibilities. There may be others, but let's start with those. Do any of them strike you as battles that might be particularly interesting to play out as a ground-pounder?
Good Monday, Wingnuts, Lancers and Citizens! Time for the weekly WCRPG Update.

(Good way to cover my bases there...)

Well, things went exceptionally well this week in Chapters 6.4 and 7.4 (the non-canon craft catalog). Monday saw the completion of the three craft I mentioned in the last update and headers added to the craft I had designed originally for Enyo as well as the Hakaga. I also was able to take an image of the Steltek Carrier designed by Astro Commander and used it to determine its size. I finished gathering the few remaining notes I needed on the Standoff and Saga craft on Monday and spent the rest of the week popping out two ships a day: the Steltek Drone and Scout were finished on Monday, the Savannah and Peleliu were done on Tuesday, the Fralath and Dubav were on Wednesday, the Hakaga and Evansville were done on Thursday (as well as the Durango carrier variant), and the Behemoth and Steltek Carrier were finished on Friday. I'm particularly proud of the last two; I elected to go with the route of making them finished, operational craft rather than the way they're depicted in WC3 and Privateer, respectively (i.e. the Behemoth I built is a finished ship and the Steltek Carrier is not a derelict, though the notes are in place to allow folks to use them that way).

So, if you were keeping track of what got accomplished versus what I mentioned needed to be done in these chapters last week, you might have already noticed something: that was the lot, in both Chapters. I have no current plans to add any additional craft to either chapter, which is sufficient to move them both to completed status. I have considered adding a ship or two from Privateer 3 to these chapters for the hell of it, though I'll still need to go back through the notes I have to see if that'd even be possible. And as I mentioned over on the Star Citizen boards this week, I'll take submissions for new craft right up until I begin proofreading (so if you've got something you want to see added, I'll still add it but you're beginning to run short on time).

I can't say that I made any significant progress on 12.2 this week; a grand total of two more character profiles were completed (the two remaining characters from Standoff, Freyers and Henderson), bringing the total number of finished characters up to twenty (with 196 to go). I did do a lot of behind the scenes work on organization, including drops of basic stat and trait sets in for a number of characters (can't really say which ones, though, because I was working off specific archetype sets and so the end results are scatter-shot over the entire page). With work on the other pages completed at this point, I hope work will pick up on 12.2 this week and I'll have something more substantial to report next week. I can say that a header has been added for Slade Carver and that I've added a fair amount of data regarding the five Kilrathi Imperial royal family members that are present. I'm still working through the number of hero points to give each character; that's proving to be a bit of a holdup at the moment.

About the only other thing that happened this week was a decision to nix the idea of redesigning the Hvar'kann (which I mentioned last week); I decided to keep the WC3 stats in place and intact. If the ship's anemic, she's anemic; someone else can adjust them. I do think I need to make another check of the P2 ships at this point to see if more size data has become available on them at this point; that'll hopefully happen this week.

Plan's now simplicity itself: work on 12.2, finish up any lose ends and get to work on the Index. 12.2's got a ways to go, so it won't be this week. Hopefully soon.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I will continue accepting submissions right up until work in completed on the Index, so if you're stressing over the notion of everything else being done already, don't; I'll take eleventh hour stuff.

WCRPG now stands at 98.18% complete as of this morning.
Hey, does anybody have a list of the Cast from WC3 and WC4, and maybe Prophecy too? Specifically, I'm trying to figure out who played Dr. Severin, Dr. Brody, Admiral Wilford and Lieutenant Sosa.
Good Monday, Wingnuts and Citizens! Time for the weekly WCRPG Update.

Well, this week I can finally report substantial progress in Chapter 12.2 (as I suspected, the other two chapters were distracting me fairly well from getting substantial work done). The week began with "drops" of information for the various characters; this basically involved putting in the skill and trait sets indicated in my notes based on each unfinished character's archetype and hero point level. On Monday, I went back through my list and noted which occurrences of my "non-unique" characters (people like Tolwyn, Blair, etc. who you see more than once) came first, and started dropping info into those profiles as well. I did have to do some further determination of hero points this week, mainly for characters from P1, WC3 and False Colors, but by Wednesday this final bit of preliminary work was finished. With the addition of racial stats early Thursday and all the preliminary ground work basically complete (about the only thing left that hasn't been defined for every character at this point is their respective places of birth), I started churning out characters starting with the Action Stations group. I completed the last of those profiles on Friday, and I was also able to finish up the characters of Zukara and Garahl from Academy, with the Academy version of Thrakhath also completed. I did have to add two new profiles to the to-do list this week (I didn't have information on two of the Kilrathi WC3 aces), but I was also able to get rid of one of the instances of the Kilrathi Emperor (on the premise that, despite how eventful the period from 2666-2669 was in WC history, there wasn't much chance for the character himself to actually evolve much during that time).

So the count this week is thirteen new completed profiles, with 184 left to go. At an average rate of six characters per day, it oughta take me about thirty working days to finish up, or about another six weeks or so.

I didn't get a chance to go back through the P2 data that Bob McDob has recently been putting up at WCPedia of late; that's still on the short term agenda. I was however able to get a couple of minutes to look back at some of the P3 design document data I had in my possession, and it looks like it might be possible for me to go ahead and build at least one of the craft that was in the game's pitch document - the Crusader (the image of which made it into the Confederation recruitment poster on page 59 of Star*Soldier). I am going to have to adapt a few things in order to get it to work as intended, naturally, and I'm still not sure how she'll stack up against the other Arena fighters just yet, but it'll still be good to have a P3 reference in the game (and to have a semi-official military Arena-era fightercraft). If I wind up with time, I may go ahead and do a couple of the other P3 craft from the pitch document. As for Star Citizen, there are enough crucial details that were missing from this week's ship design document posted that building one of those up and coming craft is not possible at this time. I may revisit that notion if more data becomes available in the near future. The thought has crossed my mind to slip some craft from Starlancer and Freelancer in there somewhere; we'll have to see on that one...

The Grand Master Plan remains the same: finish 12.2, tie up any last minute lose ends and get to work on the Index.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I will continue accepting submissions right up until work in completed on the Index.

WCRPG remains at 98.18% complete as of this morning.
Good Monday, Wingnuts and Citizens! Time for the weekly WCRPG Update. To our friends across the pond, I also wish you a Happy Blowing-Stuff Up Day (sometimes referred to as Guy Fawkes Day).

Not much new to report with WCRPG this week. The Who's Who is still churning along and I am continuing to make steady progress (though not quite at the pace I'd like). This last week I specifically completed the remaining nine characters from Academy, the core group of pilots from WC1, Captain Skinner, Lieutenant Dibbles, Bhurak Starkiller, K'Kai and Gwen Larson. Total count for the week was twenty-five new profiles with no new ones cropping up, bringing the total number of remaining profiles to 159. I'm just off pace to be finished in another five weeks, and am still looking for ways to speed up the process (I know that I won't get as much done the week of Thanksgiving, but I will be working overnights for the end of the semester at my job and that should allow me to make up the lost time there). I do hope that I'm doing all these characters justice - coming up with good info on a few of them has been very tricky. (For example, I don't for the life of me remember the character of Hyena from Academy, so I have no idea if what I've got for him is right. For another, there was precious little to go off of for Gwen Larson, despite a re-read of Freedom Flight). I have been having some fun coming up with the names of the places of birth of many of the characters (the actual town names) where it hasn't been specified. I did a bit of a tribute for Blair and Maniac (though actually, Maniac's is a second choice - the initial one was "Hill Valley", but I figured somebody who will remain nameless might not like that as much as I would hope...).

A couple of other little things happened this week. I did finish up work on the Crusader that I started last week and its full stats are up in 6.4. She wound up a tad weaker than most of the other Arena-era fightercraft but she's got some unique weaponry and surprises that would likely even out the odds. I also re-checked the list of P2 ship sizes Bob McDob put up on WCPedia and there appear to be two more craft I can go back and re-verify. I still need to do that.

The Grand Master Plan remains the same: finish 12.2, tie up any last minute lose ends and get to work on the Index, I have eight more profiles to complete in the WC1 set and then an even twenty to go in the WC2 set, so I don't think it'd be unreasonable to try to have those people done before the next update. With any kind of luck, I might even be a little bit further along than that.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I will continue accepting submissions right up until work in completed on the Index.

WCRPG remains at 98.18% complete as of this morning.
Good Monday, Wingnuts and Citizens! time for the WCRPG Update.

This week marks two months since principal work began on the Who's Who in Chapter 12.2. Right now it feels like it's been going on a lot longer than that, but at least significant progress is being made. Once again, the work this week was all 12.2, with a total of twenty-three new profiles completed since the last update. One new profile was added this week (I decided that I should have a separate entry for Captain Eisen with the WC4 group), so that leaves 137 profiles to go. I was definitely off my pace this week on account of some significant RL and due to the fact that I hit a patch of characters that hadn't been prepped as well as I'd originally thought. I'm still working through some of that and hope to have things cleared up next week. I was able to complete the remaining WC1 profiles, and I only have six more profiles to complete in the WC2 batch. I was able to finalize the initial header text for a good number of profiles this past week, including all of the Privateer characters and several of the characters from End Run, Action Stations and WC3. I am concerned that I will have to re-do at least one of Thrakhath's stat tables (specifically the one from Academy); I'll probably examine it more closely this coming week.

Really not much new to report. The Grand Master Plan remains the same: finish 12.2, tie up any last minute lose ends and get to work on the Index. I'll probably skip over the End Run group and try to complete the Privateer group next week. The two groups are about the same size, but the Privateer headers are complete at this point, while the End Run group needs some fairly significant attention at the moment.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I will continue accepting submissions right up until work is completed on the Index.

WCRPG remains at 98.18% complete as of this morning.
Greetings, Wingnuts and Citizens! Time for the weekly WCRPG Update. I had some serious RL drop in my lap earlier today, which is why this is as late as it is this week.

First, an admission: the last couple of weeks, I've been preparing my updates on Friday afternoon. This is because I've started using my weekends to begin work on another RPG project and so I've only been working on WCRPG weekdays (something which is probably contributing to the slowdown I've seen in 12.2 in recent weeks). I mention this now because I was totally prepared to congratulate the Star Citizen team on breaking the four million dollar mark. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the project would raise over two million dollars in just two days; I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all...

As far as the Who's Who is concerned, I was definitely off pace this week, with a mere sixteen profiles complete (half of where I'd like things to be). A combination of RL and a busier schedule at the moment (as previously mentioned), and a set of characters that weren't as well prepped as I thought can largely be blamed for this. On the plus side, I did finish up the last of the WC2 profiles and got over half of the P1 characters done, and a fair number of headers were revised as well. The big news with the headers is that all characters now have them - there were a few (such as Vance Richards and Murragh) that didn't have any information in them up to now. I still need to revise headers for the False Colors, WC4 and Prophecy groups, plus two more in the WC3 group; 44 profiles remaining in total. I anticipate finishing that part of the work up sometime in the next couple of weeks. I have 121 profiles left to complete as of this morning. Four more weeks, if I can get back on pace (which I don't see happening this coming week).

I was also pleased to see the release of the brochure for the RSI Constellation this week. I spent some time going over it on Friday, and I think I'm going to make an attempt to get a set of stats for it into one of the Non-Canonical craft chapters (as another test of the system's flexibility). May come into some problems with weapons and shield strength, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. It's also possible that this information will be released at RSI's Galactipedia once it's up and running.

I once again haven't got not much new to report. The Grand Master Plan remains the same: finish 12.2, tie up any last minute lose ends and get to work on the Index. I'm on vacation from work this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I'll be out of town, so I don't really anticipate getting much work done at all. With luck I'll be able to get a few people in; no telling though. As little as I had to report this week, I anticipate next week will be even worse...

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I will continue accepting submissions right up until work is completed on the Index.

WCRPG remains at 98.18% complete as of this evening.
Greetings, Wingnuts and Citizens! Ordinarily at this time I'd be bringing you the weekly WCRPG Update. However, this week I have absolutely nothing to report - I spent almost the entire week at my in-laws for the Thanksgiving Holiday, during which time I spent no time at all on WCRPG. What time I wasn't there was mostly spent traveling, and what time wasn't spent traveling was spent a) being required to watch my sons while my wife consoled a good friend of hers who had just lost her mother, and b) being required, also at the behest of my wife, to watch Breaking Wind Part 2 (and yes, I did mean to call it "Breaking Wind" - one of the biggest non-endings I've ever seen in fiction storytelling in my entire life). This week I will be picking work back up on character building in Chapter 12.2, and may also attempt to work on the RSI Constellation as I mentioned in the previous update.

Still accepting submissions for non-canon design stats; just post your ideas to this thread.

I've still got 121 character profiles left to write and WCRPG remains at 98.18% complete as of this morning.
Greetings, Wingnuts and Citizens! Time for a somewhat earlier than normal weekly WCRPG Update.

This last week saw continued work in Chapter 12.2. I'm thinking my pace is going to be twenty profiles a week; I've been trying to get back up to thirty but so far it hasn't happened. Either way I was still off pace this week owing to an all-day event on Thursday alongside with some crucial work being done in another project I'm working on. A total of twelve profiles were completed this week, rounding out the P1 character set and beginning work with the End Run/Action Stations group. I did have some time to continue work on headers and I'm pleased to announce that I was able to get the entire character set from Prophecy completed. At this point I only have about two dozen headers left to finish up, though I did discover this week that I am going to have to compose a brand new header for Janet McCullogh's False Colors profile (her history on WCPedia ends after Action Stations).

This past weekend I got started with the conversion of the RSI Constellation for the non-canonical sections of the game. Didn't get particularly far overall, but I did do some pixel hunting for the ship's draft based on the perspective images available on page 16 of the brochure that RSI released a couple of weeks ago. Turns out the Constellation is pretty small (something you'd expect for a ship that's classed as a Corvette) - a lot smaller than I'd anticipated. Using WCRPG's Size Class scale she's a twelve, comparable in size to a Raptor or Jalthi, and smaller than a Broadsword and some of the larger Armada craft (in terms of overall dimensions). Once again, there hasn't been any data on shields/armor released, though she's comparable overall to a Paradigm or Salvia (P2 Military Destroyer) according to the RSI website, so I may just average those up. There is no data on the P52 fighter the ship carries, so I'll probably have to make a suitable substitution there (I'm thinking a Ferret or perhaps a Rapier-I). I'll definitely let y'all know how things ultimately turn out.

I once again haven't got not much new to report. The Grand Master Plan remains the same: finish 12.2, tie up any last minute lose ends and get to work on the Index. This next week I have some overnight shifts at work and those are always very productive times for my projects, so I'm hopeful that the next two weeks will prove to be quite productive (maybe enough to make up for the lack of activity over the Thanksgiving Break). Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm still accepting submissions for the game's non-canonical sections; just post your ideas to this thread. I will continue accepting submissions right up until work is completed on the Index.

I've still got 109 character profiles left to write and WCRPG remains at 98.18% complete as of this evening (morning?).