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Hi folks,

I've been a long time wing commander player and recently something reminded me of it. I was listening to Perplexer - Da Capo and it has this sound of the conductor beating his baton on the score. Sorry if I'm not wording it correctly. Anyhow it reminded me of some Wing Commander Game where you see the orchestra and then the conductor beats his baton on the score and it goes out of screen and the intro begins - maybe someone remembers what I mean. I was just wondering if all of this was to be found as mp3 - I downloaded lots of mp3s from this site years ago but couldn't find it.

Edit: I'm pretty sure its WC2
It's part of the origin FX logo that plays when WC2 first loads.
For a second there I thought the file had Hail Brittannia at the end of it. Funny concidence that that song started at just the moment that the music on the tuning mp3 stopped.
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I remember the FIRST time I booted up WC2 on my little old PS/2 386SX (YEAH BABY!) machine with 6 MEGABYTES of ram ;-)

The sheer quality of the game made my hair stand on end! *sigh* outstanding memories!!!