Wing Commander movies

Yeah, I always found it kinda stupid how people would talk about using modelling packages that they obviously can't afford. And maybe comparing the advantages of one against the other, to boot. I mean sure, maybe someone who is really serious about doing CG art might actually plunk down the hard coin for a legit version (I'm sure it'd be rather embarrassing to send out a demo reel with files generated by a pirated program, just in case someone could tell), but most of the game mod people don't seem to be that seriously involved.

Which makes it probably OK, to an extent, but for my own part, I've stuck with what I can do with free tools. As it happens, that turns out to be tetrahedrons, for the most part, but at least they're my tetrahedrons. :) Besides, I don't have any artistic talent to begin with.
As per the stop motion animation opposed to 3d, technology has improved some since then. And it doesn't take 50 million to put out a good cgi movie. Fact of the matter is, one guy sitting in front of his computer can make a decent movie in cgi. Animating 3d isn't that hard using skeletans and joints. Heck for space battles an entire ship could be one joint which can be moved and rotated in space along with others. Very simple to animate in any 3d modelling program, even milkshape can do this. Voice dub vs subtitles is another subject though :p

as per pirating, eh, they won't crack down on pirated versions unless you try selling the stuff. Actually by giving free fan movies using their program it's promoting their software to others, which is why they don't crack down on people with pirated versions as long as they aren't trying to make money from it. By allowing the pirated versions to remain out they are introducing their software to a much greater crowd of people, and in that a greater possibility that when someone does decide ot go professional and sell their stuff they will chose to buy the program. That said I still personally use milkshape cause it costs $25. Lol, this conversation has turned to w@rez (you shouldn't have mentioned pirated :) just assume they all have legit versions ), but as to the oringal topic, most likely a fan wc movie will not be made, esspecially taking into acount the general dissagreement in just figuring out the best format to make one in :p
Maybe it's just me, but I find it a lot easier to build physical models than CGI models. Sure, it takes more time, but it's also a lot easier to control your tools. (Similarly, I don't do much drawing on the computer, but I love to scribble on actual paper). Also, you don't have to texture map a physical model. :)

I suppose it wouldn't be too hard for somebody to put together a CGI movie if they already had all the art assets from other projects, although I definitely think people would be hard to do. Also, I thought some of the CGI sequences in the Wing Commander movie looked a lot like gameplay movies from Starlancer (mainly the out-of-cockpit combat shots), enough to jar my sense of disbelief.

While it's not too hard to move a CGI space ship around, it's also not too hard to put a physical model on a string, go into a dark room, and turn on a flashlight as a "sun". Also, I made the $50 million comment to point out that we don't need Hollywood-quality: I'm sure fans would appreciate any sort of movie, no matter how primitive (I mean, a number of them liked the Wing Commander movie, didn't they? *duck*--just kidding).

A theater production can often evince a lot of enjoyment, even though the actors might only have minimal props, or none at all--the important element is the storytelling, not the special effects. My idea of the first attempts at fan films is someone with a camcorder basically taping somebody's way-off-Broadway Wing Commander script. Some folks will go above and beyond to do really remarkable things with limited resources, but you have to start somewhere.

So maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves: instead of talking about Wing Commander movies, maybe we should first talk about what would make a good Wing Commander screen play. Focus on something that you could do on a low budget, yet still have a highly convincing story. Flesh out the exact production details, and then publish them on the Web, and see if anybody runs with it.
GeeBot said:
I'm sure fans would appreciate any sort of movie, no matter how primitive (I mean, a number of them liked the Wing Commander movie, didn't they? *duck*--just kidding).

The WCM cost $30 million though, and that was $10 million over budget :p
lol, I bought the wing commander movie for $2 at blockbuster just for the sake of filling out my collection of wingcommander items. Think I've only watched it once lol.