Wing Commander Movie

In Response to your comment, I tend not to read reviews, I like to make my own mind up on the matter of Movies
Eh, I agree with pretty much every professional criticism of the movie -- but they're all complaining about the plot of the film, not whether or not it took place in our science fiction universe. :)
For those of you who made fun of me for only having the VHS version: I finally got the Widescreen DVD- for Christmas! It is on deck in my office movie rotation.
ChrisReid said:
Someday I'm fairly confident we'll be able to get that and at least post the deleted scenes. It's one of a number of "lost" items that we'd really like to have to share with everyone. I think partly the lack of momentum mentioned there is because a number of action/explanation scenes were cut about 3/4ths through the movie because they were a bit too complex for the test audiences.
Did any of you guys in the U.S. or anywhere else, happen to see and record/capture a "behind-the-scenes/making-of" feature of the movie, broadcast prior or subsequently to its theatrical release -- I would have thought it would have been aired on Fox in the U.S. if anything?

Reason I ask, is that I was going through some old VHS tapes the other day and noticed that I had recorded a 3-minute behind-the-scenes feature of the Wing Commander movie. The feature aired on a local channel in South Africa, where I was living at the time, although it was probably a syndicated Fox package. The video quality isn't great, but I'll try and clean it up in VirtualDub and upload it somewhere for those who are interested. It includes brief soundbites from Lillard, Burrows, Chris Roberts, Todd Moyer and a longer "interview" with Prince.

I'll get busy with the encoding ASAP, I just wondered if there was any other behind-the-scenes/bonus film material out there?


No other bad movie has ever ruined anything like the WC movie. The Kilrathi looked like lumpy mannequins in suits. The Kilrathi had green mist and weird green patters all over, which has never been so in any game. The acting was terrible, the Rapier was an abomination, the Tiger's Claw looked stupid, and Maniac was an idiot (Unlike his usual funny, sarcastic self in the games). I can't believe that Chris Roberts made this film.
I was totally blown away the first time I watched it. I absolutely loved the dogfights, and I thought it was incredibly underrated. However, after a few more viewings (say, around 10) the movie wasn't nearly as good as my initial reaction. The script sucks in some places and I was really annoyed by how it got cut up. I'd really like to see an uncut version of the movie be put out one day.
Well, any movie will get a little stale after ten repeated viewings. I had to take a few weeks off after my initial ten.
Heh, I didn't watch it ten times in a row. I probably watched it two more times after my first viewing, and then I watched the movie every once in a while.
Yeah true, but I'd bet most folks here are interested in other Sci-Fi as well- Star Wars, Star Trek, the Alien series, and so on. Me too, so I "rotate" the movies, and every so often the WC film comes up. I really do enjoy watching it after not having seen it for several months.
TopGun said:
And this isn't ones of those Threads:D

I liked the movie, plus Saffron Burrows is HOT

I'll tell you who's hot. Audrey Tautao from the film Amelie. I've only seen the Wing Commander movie once when it was in the theaters. I liked it okay. But I just felt frustrated at how well Wing Commander 3 and 4 was directed and wondered why the movie wasn't more like it. But I've always felt the movie stands okay on its own.
I watch it every time is shows up on TV. I love it. Like just about anything, it has it's positive and negative aspects.

On the negative side: I think sciptwise it's not as good as the WC games (WC3 at least- only one I've played, but from posts it seems the others are arguably as good). The relatively poorer script is probably why it didn't attract as many famous actors as the games did. Also, the guy who played Maniac annoyed the cr** out of me (although I heard he was good in Scooby Doo). Even if we weren't the target audience in retrospect they prob. would have done better orienting it more to WC fans because the things that make the game successful would probably also make the movie successful- even to people who've never played the game. Probably anyone that posts on these forums could have added tremendously to alot of aspects of this film. But hindsight is 20/20, so I can't blame them for trying out some of their wild/boring/bad ideas that varied from the game.

On a positive note: It's fighter and carrier battles in space :D:D:D!!!!!! I really liked the capship battles, this is one area where it excells over the game. I think the capship battles also excelled in graphics and drama over almost every other sci-fi movie that has capship battles. I enjoy alot of the shows and B movies on the sci-fi channel, but I think this show dwarfs them all- from graphics to non-stop action. It reminds me of an even better version of "Starship Troopers" which I also liked.
Putting aside almost all personal issues I have with the movie and going back to the original poster's question: Why not enough credit?

- It's a movie about a game (decreasing the target audience)
- I's a movie about a space shooter game (effectively cutting the remaining target audience by 1/2)
- It's a movie with Freddie Prinze and Matthew Dillard in it (winning back some of the portion of the target audience we just lost, but scaring off another portion)
- It's a space kinda movie without Mark Hammill in it, about a game with Mark Hammill in it (further cutting the target audience by half)
- It's a movie with a rather convoluted story for those who don't know the games, and an even more convoluted story for those who do (wreaking havoc with the remaining target audience)

In other words: The movie marketing crew made about every mistake in the book. Resulting in "not enough credit" from the people who were actually looking forward to the flick, and being disappointed by everything the did expect, but didn't get.

Side note: It's Audrey Tautou. No wonder she never answers your mails... :p
HUMMMMM, now that you bring it up... I was kinda let down by the dogfight scenes. The FX were great, the cockpits were amazing, but the fight choreography could have been better. Anyway, I'm usually let down by ALL movie dogfights, be it in space or atmospheric.