Wing Commander IV question...


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Recently, amongst my woes installing WC4 and getting it to work, I saw SPECIALx.TRE files on all six discs.

Leaves me to wonder... what's in them? I've only ever played the game and such, so I don't know if they're accessible or what.

Anyone know what's there?
I don't know, but IIRC, WCP has SPECIAL.TREs as well... but as far as I can tell, those ones are just copies of certain FMV sequences which are in the MOVIE.TREs anyway.
Sorry for not replying earlier...

If you use GAP on those SPECIALx.TREs, it can find some (but not all) off the inflight comms. Some nice plot-related speech comes up towards the end of a GAP search.