Wing Commander interesting news! :)

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Wing Commander intresting news! :)

Hi everybody!
try to guess who am I?
Yeah it's me BLOODFANG!
I've been just banned from a STUPID IDIOT named Kris Van.....I don't even remember is last name! Too difficult! And even too shitty, my dear kris.
This is the last post of course I'll make (at least with this username), I'll use it only to let you know how is to be banned and away from the CIC chat!
FANTASTIC really fantastic guys! :D
So I invite everyone to leave this area and go somewhere else! There are a lot of good people and good fans of WingCommander out there, with a lot of much more fantastic Wing Commander Portals than the CIC! So don't be a false WC supporter like Kris, be a real one! Get away from here! :)
I know that I say this about a lot of people, but everyone here will agree that you're an idiot. Besides, you broke rule 12.
I think nobody here will leave. Because here is nobody a real or false fan. We are all 'right fans' including Kris. Maybe you are wrong here....
So that is really hilarious.... so hilarious that I will not comment on it. *g*
It's a waste of bandwith. That would drop it best maybe.
I am not against you wildweasel, i am just tired of seeing person like kris, that thinks to be a god and therefor do whatever he likes...
I've been banned only because i defended another wc fan, that's the reason.
So I'm really really hungry!
I'm not against anyone of you WC fans alright?
Hmm... I don't like how he called me his dear Kris.

Your ban was only temporary. You're supposed to e-mail chatzone@ to resolve things, not open a new account and then make an ass of yourself. Oh well.
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