wing commander games

i have wing commander games. will they work in win 10?
The DOS era games merely require DOSBox or other similar DOS emulator to run easily in Windows 10.

That said, all the windows client WC games I have work with Win 10. Kilrathi Saga, WinWC4, Prophecy, WinP2, etc.

If you have any specific issues post them on your thread here and our collective will see what we can do. There are many FAQ like questions answered here as well:

Always good to see a friendly ship. (Sorry Dund, I had too :D)
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Hi There...

As Whistler said.. Windows based games work just fine... Dos Based works fine with DosBox: WC1, SM1 SM2, Privateer & Privateer Righteous Fire, will work just fine, some freezing may occur, but 95 % of the time works perfectly.. WC2 need to use the loadfix, in my case first mission ok, then need to run with loadfix -16 almost half of the game, then need to run in loadfix -64 (without speech), SO1 had to run the full expansion with loafix -64, SO2 run very well under loadfix -16, but again that was with my PC config.

Now a questions on my own... I just finnish the download WC Saga darkest Dawn, the game has subtitles?? you knows.. its better for me to read... :(
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Windows based games work just fine...

Yes... However we should quantify this by mentioning that with the vanilla windows versions, you will probably have to download one of the patches available here to make them work as intended. Prophecy is probably the least likely to need any patches but even there you would most likely want some of the patches that upgrade the videos and improve the graphics.

If you say you have the games, it also varies greatly what results you will have depending on which versions you have. If you have the old diskette versions of WC1, and 2, the challenge will not necessarily be "will it run" but rather getting it off the disks in the first place since I haven't seen anyone bother putting a floppy drive in a new machine for at least 10 years (or longer) without intentionally planning ahead for old games. It can be a chore to set up dosbox if you are unfamiliar with it too. Getting the GOG versions eliminates most of the setup headaches.