Wing Commander: Covert Missions (was: SM 1.5 (Working Title))

Trust me on this one: It's install.dat. I've spent considerable time going through the code to create wcdx. I wasn't aware that the DOS version did things differently, but KS definitely uses install.dat as a resource manifest, not just for installation.
If we modify install.dat to reference our Covert Mission files (briefing.015, camp.015, module.015 and titl15.vga) then how does Secret Missions 2, which requires the .002 versions of these files, how will it run? Or, if we rename our reconfigured install.dat to say.... insta15.dat ... how do we get Kirathi Sag to run it?

If your suggestion is correct, then we'll probably have to have people switch out the install.dat file to run either sm2 or covert missions.

To be clear, the install.dat is the one in the archive that delMar referred to in post #170. Is that right?
Correct. The only other way would be to add new resource IDs for the new files, and then make a new version of the executable that referenced those IDs. Which is doable, but not something I have a lot of time for right now (otherwise, I'd be doing more wcdx work).
Thanks for working with me on this, Stinger. :)

Here are the files for Covert Missions with the edited install.dat.

So, these files go to the gamedat folder for KS... and the install.dat can be switched in-and-out for the original install.dat from the SM1 & SM2 upgrade, which will give you either Covert Missions or Secret Missions 2.

PLEASE, backup your original install.dat file in the gamedat folder first!


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I've been trying to offer a new version here, which includes all the work done by WingOver (ie new dos executable, new install.dat file for KS).

Do you think there should be a single package that contains everything for both versions? Or would you prefer to have separate packages for dos and KS?

Btw, sorry for the lack of updates. It's just that it's summertime and I hardly boot up my PC at home these days.
I'm pretty sure this will change once nights become longer again...
delMar, I can understand your lack of posts and updates.... summer IS HERE! Also, I am eagerly awaiting the return of my son from his 9-month deployment to Iraq. He is a member of the US Army 1st ID Band and is my one bright star!

Has anyone used the modified Kirathi Saga files to see if they do indeed launch the Covert Missions? (I don't have KS installed)

I'd say go for the combined package for all games.
hey y'all. i tried running the kilrathi saga version of this patch with the wcdx version detailed here:

so far it crashes during the first briefing. so it seems that this is incompatible with the wcdx patched version of wing commander 1. Oh well.

edit: used escape to skip first briefing and has been playing fine. I'm pretty sure, however, that I'm seeing repeats of former interactions with the crew. I've just recently played SM1 and 2, and the events are repeating themselves in 1.5. Bossman just died....yet again. It's very strange. Isn't that from another secret mission expansion? Is 1.5 more of an expansion of 2, including it's plot elements and fleshing it out? I'm not sure if this is all a glitch, or whether it's intended.

edit: Finished it up last night. It makes a bit more sense. It's more of a retelling than a separate expansion. Apparently they wanted to include the major character plot points, but avoid Firekka(sp) entirely. I guess this version matches up better with WC2.
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