Wing commander 4 GOG sound but no video

This is mighty strange... I wonder if there's something wrong with DirectShow on your machine somehow.

Try re-installing the DirectX End-user runtime and update your video card drivers. After this, you may want to reinstall the dwrap 1.0.1 test9 dlls (earlier on this thread) to get back to the VMR renderer, and disconnect your other audio / video device, just in case. Then try running the game again.

On my side, i'll try to come up with a small DirectShow filter hack that will let us determine if video data is actually reaching the video renderer filter. After we know for sure either way, there's a couple more possibilities we can explore. I'll try to post a new version soon.
i did as suggested no change so ill wait for that new dll this is very discouraging now if even you are run out of idea's
I'm not out of ideas yet, although we did go through a good number of them by now.

Anyway, i went through the code again and tweaked the video window code a bit. Now there is a better separation between the "game" window and "movie" window. Try putting these files on your WC4 folder and give it a go. If you don't see the video at first try alt+tab'ing between the two "WC4" windows and see if anything shows up.

I also added a few new messages to debug.txt, so please post it afterwards.


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not really any change but as i said i see brief flashes on the video after hitting esc
example its black at start i hit esc to skip and i see part of the helicopter when i skip the scenes it always seems to briefly display a image from the previous scene i wish i could capture it


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Just wanted to let you two warriors know what what you are doing is much appreciated and that people are watching =)

I am having the same issue (OS win 7x64) and can't wait to see what you come up with...

Good Luck!
Ok since you see a glimpse of the video, it means data is reaching the video renderer, so i decided to review the window setup and tweak it a bit. I'm also moving the main game window out of the way when video is playing to see if it helps. Give it a try and let me know if anything changes.

Bodyshot, welcome to the forums. If you also have this problem, please post your dxdiag and wc4_graph logs here. It's difficult to diagnose a problem you can't reproduce, so every bit of information helps. Thanks!


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no change really
i have fraps could it record inside wc4 if so i can post s video
UPDATE : i may have discovered the key to this entire thing when i recorded in fraps i saw nothing BUT whim i looked at the fraps avi it showed the video as normal! and played the scence as if it would i play in game 100% fine
Thanks for the piece of information! That's actually very interesting: it means the game and DLLs are working fine, you have the codecs correctly installed and the video image gets to the correct surface. For some reason however, it doesn't get to the screen.

This brings me back to my previous suspicion that something might be going on with either DirectShow or (more likely) your video card drivers. I remember reading that some people with dual Intel / NVidia ION2 GPUs had to prevent WC4 from using the ION2 GPU in order to get it to work properly. Is there a similar option in your NVidia control panel that you can try tweaking?

If tweaking the NVidia options doesn't help… based on this, there are a few work-arounds that I think we could try.
I see some references to Cyberlink on your DxDiag, try uninstalling it to see if it helps. Some Cyberlink filters could be getting in the way.

Also, please download these updated DLLs. When the game plays a movie it generates a wc4_graph log, please post it here, it should provide us some more information about what's going on.

Also, just to rule it out: did you install WC4 GOG over an existing WC4 installation (either CD, DVD or Pete's CD-to-DVD conversion)? If so, you should wipe everything and do a clean install of GOG's WC4.
Also a here is a solution that worked for me,
When you install the klite plugin make sure if you are running a 64bit OS that you download both the 64bit and 32bit version of the plugin and install. The reason is the game is installed in the (x86) programs and will not access the 64 bit plugin.

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If you can, try turning off triple buffering and threaded optimization on your NVidia control panel, see if it makes a difference.

I'll get to work on those work-arounds, i have a few ideas that could help. I'll try to give you a new DLL to test soon.
Ok here's a new DLL with two couple of options configurable via videoRenderer.cfg:

- vmr7offscreen (currently set) configures the DLL to use the VMR video renderer, but instructs it to avoid using an overlay (which i think is what your system is having trouble with).

- evr, which configures DirectShow to use the new Vista / Win7 EVR Renderer (Windows Media Framework). This one still needs some tweaking, but no point in polishing it too much until i know if it helps.

Unzip this into the WC4 install folder and give it a try. If it doesn't work, open videoRenderer.cfs in notepad and change "vmr7offscreen" to "evr". Please post debug.txt files as usual and let me know how it goes.


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very happy to report that the new dll works the only issue i see is that it does not show the black bars during interactive choices making some hard to see but other then that the dll work fine just as you have it


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Great! Glad to know it is working now :) Lesson learned: DirectShow doessn't always set up the renderer in the best way, so it sometimes needs a few hints to point it in the right way. (it also stresses the need for an alternate player, i'll try to prioritize this a bit among the streams i currently have going)

I'll run a more complete set of tests on my end, and maybe add another tweak or two over the following days. Then i'll put out a 1.1 version.
Ill be more then help you test any new versions i think we make a good team considering this has been a issue for many users id like to keep this thread open for testing more revisions and if you or I could make a official topic promoting our new solution i think that would be great