Wing Commander 3 Premiere Edition!


Rear Admiral
Hey everyone! Been ages since I've visited here. I just got the film can WC3 today and got it up and running after a while of fiddling with DOSbox. I love that GOG released the games and I got them all, but there's just something about doing it yourself, as much as the old days. Typing in WC3, seeing those dots. God, I remember when I would pray for all the dots to show up.

I'm probably going to put the film case on the wall, it's really quite good looking.
Thanks! Reading the Victory Streak has been a lot of fun. The history of the war was fascinating and I adore that they named a planet after Christa McAuliffe of the Challenger disaster.

The amount of detail and care put into the supplemental material is incredible. You don't really see that anymore.