Wing Commander 3 Impossible Mission


Hey, what's the dealio with the Kilrah series of missions in WC3? They're impossible! In that final series, there are several places where it's obvious that the mission is designed to destroy your wingmen. The waves of fighters keep coming until a wingman dies. There's 3 of them, and since you're only allowed 3 wingmen, that makes sense. However, my wingmen die on their own without making it to those places! If you lose even one wingman before you're "supposed" to, the series is impossible to win.

To make matters worse, there seems to be a bug in the game that makes it impossible even if you use CTRL-ALT-W on every single waypoint. One of my wingmen gets lost in the asteroid! Even if all 3 of my wingmen survive to make it to the first asteroid base, I land with 3 wingmen, and when I take off again there's only 2 wingmen with me! Therefore, it's impossible. Why does one pilot get lost onboard the asteroid? How can I complete this mission?
The wingmen are supposed to die one at a time in that mission, but the only problem I´ve experienced so far was that, in the last mission, my last wingman never died so I had a Strakha ace (forgot his name) showing up over and over and over until I restarted the mission.

Try playing the game on rookie level for once. Your wingmen will only probably die when they´re supposed to, then.
Okay, but what about how one of the wingmen disappears? If one disappears, then I end up with endless waves of 4 Sorthaks until I restart.
Hmmm... are you on the third leg of the Kilrah missions? If so, you have to cloak before you go to the final nav point -- or you'll face endless enemy fighters.
I had that same problem until i read the game guide for WC 3 on the CIC. Then i understood when i had to activate the cloak. Now, whenever i have problems getting through a mission (after playing it a few times and getting stuck) i check there, and i am usually able to see what i missed while flying.
Technically, you can fly those missions without ANY wingmen (my preferred way to do it since I don't particularly care to take them along on missions where they have to die), so the only thing the game checks for is that you have less than the critical number of wingmen at each 'infinite waves' point.
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A lot of people didn't get that cloak thing..

Which is really odd, since they tell you absolutely everywhere that's possible in the game.
Except in the cockpit.. If you're just flying you never know. A nice recorded "Engage the Cloak now, laddie" message from Paladin (which is exactly what was in the nav map) in the VDU would have helped thousands of people.
Yeah, firstly I do pay lots of attention to the briefings, but there's a few small problems. First off, Eisen tells you in that particular briefing that you can have up to 4 wingmen, and that's not correct. Second, Taggart tells you that you'll have a cloak, but not until the last mission. Since I've played WC4 before I played WC3, I didn't understand that cloak technology was a bit limited in 1994, and so the first time I flew that mission I engaged the cloak right out of the asteroid, then decloaked at the first nav point. It surprised the heck outta me when I couldn't cloak again. Then, there's no notice that there's a particular spot where you absolutely HAVE to engage your cloak or you'll fail the mission. I saw on the nav map where it said to engage the cloak, but it says to do that before entering the atmosphere. It doesn't say to do that right before going to Nav 4. It should also probably tell you that you can use it again inside the atmosphere. I blew up a lot of Ekhapshi before I found that the cloak worked again.

Anyways, thanks for all your help guys, I've now successfully completed the mission and the game. It was an enjoyable game, but WC4 is still my favourite computer game of all time.
IIRC, you *can* cloak for the entire mission and it'll still be okay -- but don't feel bad, the lack of clarity in that mission has confused a *lot* of people over the years (G)
in WC3 (pc version) i had a problem finding what i have to drop the t- bomb on when im flying over the kilrah planetside on the last mission
i keep checking the map but ive released the bomb where its marked on the map but it must not be it
anyone know what im supposed to bomb looks like? i.e. (description of the building etc.)
The target is at a "nav point" on Kilrah, just follow the white cross on your screen and you´ll get there. Once you do, the place where you shoot the T-Bomb is targeted just like an ordinary ship. Lock it and release the bomb.
I think there was a crack in the ground that you lock onto. But you shouldnt have any problem finding it if you follow the nav point.
Yeah, I blew that mission a few times before I realized you had to cloak before going in. I always wondered something else, is it just my copy, or does the extremely red and orange look of Kilrah not show up in the ground mission. To me it looks exactly like the planet we destroyed earlier (if I remember correclty, was not all white either).

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Hmmm... are you on the third leg of the Kilrah missions? If so, you have to cloak before you go to the final nav point -- or you'll face endless enemy fighters.

Heh yeah. The first time I played that mission I must have played for a half hour not realizing that I had to cloak earlier. So a year or two later when I figured out you had to cloak, I beat it.