Wing Commander 2010

I would take your Design of the Yorktown as a Modell for the Eagle Class.

Model Type: CVL-52
Vehicle Type: Light Carrier
Crew: 1,000 (30 Officers, 40 Chief Petty Officers, and 930 Enlisted)
Troops / Passengers: 100 fighter pilots. Can embark up to 200 marines for assault missions although the carrier is extremely overcrowded.

Fighter Compliment:
24 Light Starfighters (Normally F-96B Arrow Light Fighter)
16 Medium Starfighters (Normally F-86C Hellcat V Medium Fighter)
12 Heavy Starfighters (Normally F-66A Thunderbolt VII Heavy Fighter)
8 Heavy Fighter / Bombers (Normally F/A-76A Longbow Fighter / Bombers)

Statistical Data:
Length: 2,296.6 feet (700 meters)
Height: 436.6 feet (133.1 meters)
Width: 452.8 feet (138 meter)
Weight: 41,890 Tons (36,000 metric tons) fully loaded

Original the Eagle class carrier was meant as a replacement for the aging Ranger class light carriers, battle losses have prevented the retirement of the old design. Still, the Eagle class light carrier is the most modern light carrier in the Confederation Fleet and is far prefer by her crews over the Ranger and Wake Island class of carriers, having many advances over those classes. Unlike the escort carriers, the Eagle class is built from the keel up as carriers and are far better laid as carriers. Still, it is built more to civilian standards than warship standards to reduce building costs. It looks far more like a traditional carrier design and is is equipped with the latest in phase shielding, armor, weaponry, and the storage space to carry even the largest Confed heavy fighters and torpedo bombers.

Given their large size for light carriers, they are often mistaken by Kilrathi for fleet carriers and the Confederation has been forced to operate these light carriers in this role from time to time. These carriers incorporate a large amount of advanced technology including a large amount of automation. The Eagle class light carrier requires only around one thousand crew compared to around two thousand for the Ranger class. It is also faster than the Ranger class and has the ability to accelerate faster than most other capital ship classes. The light carriers weaponry, not including fighters, consists of ten heavy point defense lasers, six cruise missile launchers, and two defense missile launchers. The carrier is designed to be able to operate independently due to the lack of escorts which there have been high losses in.

Of course, like all carriers, fighters are the Eagle's main weaponry. The light carrier has a fighter wing of sixty fighters and bombers with is over half that of much larger fleet carriers. Still, the light carrier only a fraction of that of fleet carriers which gives the Eagle a lot of "bang for the buck" It has an advantage over both the Wake Island class and Ranger class due to having a pair of flight bays. This allows the loss of one while retaining flight operations. At present, the majority of these advanced light carriers have been assigned to the Nineteenth Battle Fleet.

In Wing Commander 3 Paladin comes to the Victory with that thing in the Book. Just split the Hangar in two :)
You know what I love? When someone takes another person's hard work and makes up a bunch of un-asked for specs for it - for a ship that they made up. If I had a dollar for every time this had happened to me, I'd have like, twenty dollars. It always annoyed the shit out of me, too - It implies that the person actually making the art/ship has no idea what the thing they're making is.
Worst of all, it adds nothing to the actual discussion but a huge "lookit meeee" from the person posting the pseudo-stats.
These look really really good, I really like the direction you are taking.

What software are you using?

Keep up the good work!
These look really really good, I really like the direction you are taking.

What software are you using?

Keep up the good work!

Sorry I was in a bit of a rush earlier and see that you have already answered my question about the software in an earlier post!
There's a TCS Eagle in the Wing Commander III novel. Somehow that guy has mutated it into an entire class of ships with an elaborate backstory for some reason.
hi everyone,
sorry i been away the last 2 days. tried my hand on the cordia several times and the screen just looked too dull. I then tried a few other sketches, of which one seemed to turn into a very futuristic and mechanical Nephilim type Ship. I wish i could post it here, but its too far from WC canon to use the WC forum. Anyways I will get back to the cordia soon. Thanks again for everyones feedback. stay tuned.

btw if anyone wants to see the weird future nephilim type ship it can be seen over here:
its too far from WC canon to use the WC forum.

We have an entire subforum dedicated to Fan Fiction that goes ludicrously far away from Wing Commander canon- I for one want to see this ship, especially if it's up to the standards of everything else we've seen!
the link works.. and it is very neat! I just wonder why the nephilim are using the english number system on their ships :D
Yeah, I guess we finally beat them into surrendering and taught them English ;)! Or it could be what Blair was doing while lost on the alien gateway.
These are absolutly fantastic, I absolutly love them. The lighting on the Bengal is stunning.

I'm just wondering how re-imagined you intend these to be? Are you just re-imagining the ship designs or doing a battlestar galactica and re-doing the defence systems too? I just have an image in my mind of point defence and kinetic energy weapons, instead of shields and lasers, busying up a combat scene which is quite appealing to me personally.

Looks like someone has taken the challenge to build these in lightwave, the cgi app I use for my combat scene. Wish I had the know how to build a mesh cause i'd give it a go too. Hope to see some in the future.