Will we EVER see another WC Game??

From a business sense I can see Origin's point of view multiplayer are great revenue. However if they go soley MP they are also great fools. Not everyone likes multiplayer. I dont and I am sure quite a large percentage of WC players also dont. If they only provide muliplayer games they are going to miss out on those who only like single player games. This is a source of revenue that they would have to be idiots to pass up on. I would not be opposed to paying a little extra for a single player game but I will not pay out a penny for a game that is only multiplayer.

For example I play Ultima but never have and never will play the online game as long as I live.

If Origin ever reads this could they please provide indepth reasoning as to why they should totally lose out on revenue from single player customers.
I'd buy UO IF and ONLY if it didn't had those many, many, many problems that have already been stated on the net. Bugs, freezes, crashes, etc.

Plus, I have a very strong opinion against the whole PK thing.

If they really make a POL, it'll likely be flaky on its first inception out of the box.
And how do they plan on including certain concepts of UO in POL I don't know. How is someone going to steal? (wich is other thing I don't like in UO).

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Actually, Origin would have to be complete morons not to go online only for the time being. 1.5 million dollars of income every month. That's around 15 million a year. They make way more money on MMP than SP. Or they wouldn't be shifting their focus in the first place. Sure, not everyone likes it, but those that do bring in a lot more money than all the SP players put together.

POL won't be out for at least another year probably. By that time you might have cable, DSL, or flat fee local calls US style.
I've been playing UO for weeks now, and I've never known it to really crash, or freeze or anything else that put my character in jeopardy. PKing, stealing, etc simply doesn't happen in the towns, where the guards kick absolute ass. One wrong move and you're a dead man.

And I can imagine that POL will have gameplay like UO on planets and space stations.
Hate to say this but not everyone lives in the USA. Internet fees and internet connection are not that great in Australia. Playing online games is a waste of time because after two hours you might get kicked off. I have not yet heard of excellent foolproof communications network being setup in this country and most likely wont be for a number of years yet.

Why cant they be like the Age of Empires games which are both multiplayer and single player. Seems to me that would just be good business sense. Then you could cash in on both the single player market and the multiplayer market.

Perhaps single player are small fry, but what would it hurt to do it both ways. I personally dont know many other games that are going multiplayer only. Perhaps there are more I dont know. If however it is such good business sense how come all the others arent cashing in also?
I think the reason other companies aren't going for online-only is that most don't have as deep pockets as EA, and Origin already developed the technology for Ultima Online. They also probably learned some lessons from UO that will make POL a better game. Hopefully.
Kris isn't from the US either...

Origin maintains a number (over half of them, IIRC) of international servers for UO.

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can someone gimmie websight for armada i've seen it on ONLINE stores but never seen websight for it or anything
In my ideal universe Origin would make an online WC, but would still continue to create singleplayer WC´s with multiplayer capabilities--> everybody´s happy.

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About the online only deal: I know there are games with single and multiplayer. But the multiplayer doesn't offer the same kind of persistent, online community. it simply can't. And there are plenty of online only games out now, and still on the way.
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And they will, NR, as soon as EA lets them

When EA feels they've taken complete advantage of the online only market. Because today MMP games simply make a hell of a lot more money. And that's what companies do: making money.
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I didn't say MP's bad, I just said that I can't afford it. I can only hope for better connections, but I think it'll happen a long time after POL will be released

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I think Origin can DO it, I just want to see more of the WC storyline (The OFFICIAL one) I.E. what happens to Blair (is he really dead?) whether the bugs come back, etc. Prophecy had such a sequel-ready ending that it would be a shame for that to be the end of the WC story (other than the story created by users in a MMP game). Does anyone want Prophecy to be the end of the story?
I for one would like to see what happends next. It would be cool if Confed started an aliance of sorts with the Kilrathi. Imagine taking off from a cat carier and flying missions with Kilrathi pilots on you wing against the Nephilem. Or at least something lke that. It would be pretty cool.

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There is an alliance of sorts between the Kats and the Humans (not like the Kats have a choice after their surrender


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