Why no Crusader material?

ZFGokuSSJ1 said:
Why is there no material on Crusader at the Origin Museum? I see it as one of Origin's biggest successes. (spelling?)

Spelling is quite correct.

Nice website.

I'm wondering, when would somebody start a Strike Commander website?
were both crusaders released on the playstaion or was it only the first one? I dont suppose anyone knows how/if it differs from the DOS version...
Just No Remorse (the first one) was released on PS1. Well, to get this straight, No Remorse on the Playstation SUCKED. The only thing I liked about it is the e-mails you can get and receive at the Rebel Base, you can't get those on the DOS version, you get Video Mails from Maxis and see how many kills you have so far.

One of my highest kill scores was 1700+, On the No Remorse difficulty.
Well, the conversion of graphics from DOS to PSX were terrible. The controls were so complicated. You couldn't speak to the Resistance members at the rebel base, I could go on and on, but those were the worst things.

The games do NOT run under Windows. If you have trouble playing them under DOS, for instance like no soundcard or CD ROM drivers. I HIGHLY recommend a program called BuMble Bee's Boot Disk. It's a program that outfits a boot disk automatically with all compatible drivers you need to run any full-DOS mode game. It's easy to use, simply run the program. Restart the computer with the disk in the drive. It should read at the beginning and choose which operation you want.

For Crusader this is my order: 1,2,1,1.
wow, i just had privateer running using that, no sound but i think i can fix that, thanks! I'll defiantly have to get hold of Crusader again...
Could be because of all of the other stuff hosted there. You'd understand in a heartbeat if you read the forum rules.
Just No Remorse (the first one) was released on PS1.
It was also ported to the Sega Saturn. Anyway, yeah, Crusader kicked ass. I remember back in 1997, me and my younger bro were so obsessed with that game. Why'd they just give up on it? Those two games were awesome!