Who here is a Kilrathi sympathizer?

Do you WUV CATS!?!?!

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    Votes: 17 39.5%
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Not by me :p

With Apologies to G&S

When a kitty looks around he is uncertain
(is uncertain)
Of whether he is alone or being watched
(being watched)
If a bullet shall come ripping through the curtain
(through the curtain)
And go through him with a sickening lil' 'splatch'
(lil' 'splatch)
He cannot outrun the train to Kingdom Come
(Kingdom Come)
And he knows that Kilrah's barren, cold and dead
(cold and dead)
He could run off, join some baron's private fiefdom
(private fiefdom)
And return as a decapitated head.

Some ignore that Kilrah's barren, cold and dead, cold and dead,
They'll return as a decapitated head, 'tated head.