Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

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Tryed it last night, it played so well!! can't wait to play the whole game!! For the Brits among us, you can pick it up with this month's PC Gamer!!

Got the issue, have installed the demo yet, by a bit worried that my Machine won't be good enough for it, it's a poor little 400 mghz
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Don't worry, I've used it. DirectX 2 is a huge improvement.


I heard DX 2 spans 4 CDs. Although I believe it's a rumor. I wish it did though! I also hope it's ALOT longer than the predecessor
Can't wait for Elite Force 2 (Gone Gold! Rel: June 24), Half-Life 2, Deus Ex 2, Max Payne 2 and Freelancer 2 (I hope there will be one). I was looking for Street Racing Syndicate, but 3DO is gone. :(
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It's worse :(

No, it isn't. Though it certainly has a negative stigma attached to it, filing for bankruptcy is a legitimate business practice -- which is done in the hopes of turning around a business. It's not *good* news that 3DO filed -- but going out of business would have been much, much worse.
Not that I'm particularly happy with the games I've played from 3DO in the last year or two.

M&M9 was a big disappointment, and HoMM IV wasn't as good as it could have been, either.

I suppose to my list of Morrowind: Bloodmoon and WC3: Frozen Throne, I should also add NWN: Shadows of Undrentide, and Deus Ex 2.
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Secret Weapons Over Normandy :

Yeah, I cant wait for this one! I loved SWOTL and BoB, never played the first one though, Battlehawks 1942. The only screen shots i've seen from SWON though are from the pretty crappy looking PS2 version (at least I hope they are!)

Other than that I cant wait for half-life 2 and Hidden and Dangerous 2
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Screenshots from any platform or PC usually have unwanted aliasing or jaggies and look like crap.
So... what you're saying is that all screenshots look like crap? :p
No, I said usually. Alot of times the textures look muddier than the actual game and like I said befroe, unwanted aliasing and jaggies. Alot of times but not always.
Deus Ex: Invisible war
Thief 3
Half-life 2
Soldner (german for mercenary if im not mistaken, its being made in germany, looks cool)
Homeworld 2

Any chance of Wing commander 6 AT ALL? Or is origin this obsessed over ultima online?
Yeah, now i know, what Luke Skywalker plays ;).

IonMage: You are right, it is german for mercenary, but you forgot the oe. It is calles Soeldner, or Söldner (the o with two dots on it).
It looks great indeed.