Where to buy WC Prophecy Gold


I'm trying to hunt down a copy (preferably new) copy of WC prophecy gold. I'm hoping someone can give a link (other than ebay).
suggestions please?
There really isn't any other place outside of Ebay. Well, maybe Half.com but thats run by Ebay. Have you checked Froogle (Google's Shopping Search Engine) or Yahoo! auctions?

About three years ago, I had to buy mine out of the UK in a EA set (with Alpha Centauri and C&C Red Alert) for about $30 after shipping. You might have better luck doing that - though I haven't seen that particular set in circulation in a long, long time.
Yeah, ebay is your most likely bet. The other option is to check around via google for some websites that sell older games. There's some out there although I don't know their URL's right off. Hopefully you can locate a copy at a decent price.
I googled it and got nothing. Even Amazon's EA pack that has Prophecy in it is out of stock and they probably aren't going to buy more.

I can't personally vouch for EBay though, I got mine early, when it was released.