Where did the Ship list go??

That's the one, thanks TC

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Yes, you have to scroll down a little bit. Its under the "Universe" thing It says "Ships Database".

PS: Reason I know, is because when I asked, all I coiuld find was the WCPEdit thing, and I got bitched at up one side and down the friggin' other
because I couldn't find it. I believe it was Frosty, (Pre-adminorator), Byydo, and it could have been Cpl Hades, not sure, but there were three that called me everything but what I really am, all because they'd just say "It says SHIPS, not htat hard to find, but everytime I'd click "ships", It'd take me the WCPEdit thing.


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Actually the Ship Database is something entirely different.. And the Ship List isn't the sort of thing that we'd link from the main page.
LOAF's the man to get in touch with for the ships list (and all other current universe-based sections).