Where can a person buy Wing Commander Prophesy Gold?


I am on the back order list at Chips & Bits.
I don't think they are going to be able to fill my order.Just a thought.
Is this game available anywhere else?

Any replies would be great.


get it off ebay. or go to some country in the middle east where you can't get new games and prophecy gold has just been released. I happen to live in the middle east so I got a copy fairly easily. actually i can probably send you one but they're expensive here and shipping half way accross the world is expensive too. get it for $5 off ebay.. its being sold there all the time...


Wildfire I only seen Wing Commander Prophecy listed at Lancer games.
I didn't see the gold edition.

I think I found one retail for $33.99 plus shipping.
I wish Chips & Bits would let me know something soon.
I hate to have two copies of the same game.
Or to loose out period.

I called them up and they said so far over 40 people have it on order.
I wonder if there are going to be 40 disappointed people, and a few lucky.

I will give them 7 more days.After that I will have to buy else where.

I just think the Secret Ops is cool.
I have to get it on cd.

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Lancer Games didn't have Prophecy Gold? That is not good, I was assured by our distributors that we would have it. Frag.. well, I will try and find it, and if by the end of hte week, you still can't find a suitable place, email me.

Once again, that is not good, time to crack some distributor skulls =-)

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Kris that is where I found the link.

The cost was $33.99 + shipping.
It seems some of the games on that site are higher priced compaired to other sites.
But if that is the price to pay.I guess I'll pay it.
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Yeah, unless you want to end up like the people who didn't buy KS for a reasonable price when they had the chance
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Well by the looks of things Chips & Bits is out of the picture.They are talking about a refund.
I called up express.com listed here in the buy section as available.They told me that they are out of stock.They don't think they will be getting anymore copies.
I just don't understand it.
Its not that old of a game.

It seems everything that is marketed by Electronic arts is a classic within a year.

The search is on again.