Whence Comes the Official Site? (January 19, 1999)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Dan from Dan's Wing Commander Movie site posted a note about the upcoming Official Movie site at his message board. He also notes that "if worse comes to worse" the site will go up with out the trailer -- either way, I'm excited about seeing the site.
I've been in contact with Chris Roberts nagging him about whether or not they've heard anything about the release date. When they get that the site will be up.The official site is sorta like this one, of course, with a new kick-ass design. The way the site will work is that every week or so a new feature will be added for everyone to enjoy. (So far, I'm planning features on the special effects, the Kilrathi, the trailer, lots of new pictures, etc.) There are also some neat things on the site (like the introduction) that are cinematic-like, and will give the person who goes to the site a brief introduction to the Wing Commander story.

Original update published on January 19, 1999
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