what's inside kilrathi ship?


I docked on the giant kilrathi ship way out around delta prime or thereabouts.
The docking bay looks real cool, but you can't get into the ship. It says something like,'access denied'. Is there any way to get inside, and if so, is it worth it?
I thought maybe having a high rating w/the kilrathi might do it. I'm at 83 right now, and will try to get in again when I reach 100.
I believe what you've encountered is the abandoned Steltek vessel. I'd advise you steer clear of it forever, unless you want to be hounded by something really really really mean.
No, it's not the steltek. Been there done that several times before. This is the big kilrathi ship, and you can dock at it just like you would a drayman or paradigm! Next time I'll take a screenshot!
Haven't played that game yet. Sounds interesting you can dock into a Kilrathi ship. . I played the original Privateer and the only place to land in Delta Prime is the Steltek derelict ship.
images in dock

ok, here are the images of the outside of the ship.... It's called Clawhammer.
and the inside of the ship. This is as far as I could get. When you mouseover the red door it says "no access" or something like that. When you click on the door, it undocks you back to space...
Anyone know how to get in?
Incidentally, my rating w/the kilrathi on this attempt to get in was 100. Still no way in...


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Perhapes its just more debri, Or a plot line that was never finished. Better still by landing there you started a plotline somewhere else