What's an ESK Anyway? (March 22, 2023)

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I *NEVER* do these, but what the hey! 1 like = 1 answer

The ESK rating for the Dart DF missile is... 11,000 ESK! What is ESK? The blueprints list it as the 'strength' rating for the missile and the numbers roughly correspond to the game's explosive force stat. In Secret Missions 2, Maniac proposes (suicidally) arming missiles with "a double load of ESK-5 explosives". So maybe its like TNT?

The max range of the Mass Driver Cannon is 3,000 mrrs... later listed as simply 3,000 kilometers! *plonk* *plonk* *plonk*

The ESK rating for the Pilum FF is... 9,500! Note also the Duck Dodgers reference on all the blueprint missile breakouts!

The velocity of the Dart DF is... 900 kilometers per second! That means you'll need afterburners to outrun one... or you can just move out of the way.

Oh, here's the rest of the answers!

[*]What is the ESK rating for the Dart DF missile? 11000
[*]What is the max range of the mass driver cannon? 3000
[*]What is the ESK rating for the Pilum FF missile? 9500
[*]What is the velocity of the Darf DF missile? 900
[*]What is the maximum range of a laser cannon? 4800
[*]How many cm of front armor on the Fralthi? 28
[*]The Tiger's Claw was launched in what year? 2644
[*]What is the weight of the Ralari? 18000
[*]How old is Maniac? 23
[*]What speed is safest in the asteroid fields? 250
[*]How many varieties of Terran trees have been transplanted? 7225
[*]How many kiloliters of Special does Goddard export? 75000
[*]How many square km is Conservation Forest? 12500
[*]What year was the neutron gun invented? 2618
[*]How many priestesses are in the Sivar Cult? 9500
[*]How many systems are used to find the Sivar-Eshrad planet? 25768
[*]In what year did Dr Kohl observe the Sivar-Eshrad? 2621
[*]How many warships arrived at the Sivar-Eshrad on Ghorah Khar? 3715

Original update published on March 22, 2023
Note also the Duck Dodgers reference on all the blueprint missile breakouts!
I had such a laugh when I noticed that for the first time all those years ago. I can still hear Marvin's voice bemoaning the loss of his Illudium PEW 36 Explosive Space Modulator ('that rabbit has stolen it...'). Otherwise known to those of us on Terra as simple dynamite...
According to a former colleague (then at a medical instrument company), who had worked on the game development team (credited on-screen, if I recall correctly), ESK is also a reference to the same stick-o-dynamite: “Where was the ‘kaboom’? There was supposed to be an ...”