Whats about the Wingleader Project ??


Hi Everyone ✌may be that I missed something .. but wanted to ask how it looks with Wingleader .. any News ??
Yes, I would be very, very, very much interested in this as well. Unfortunately it seems to be on a (temporary?!) hiatus. Let's hope Howie can get back to this one day, because this is one of the most exciting things I have seen recently.
Howie Day discussed it with vintageisthenewold.com on July 19, 2019, Interview: We chat to Howie Day about Wing Leader, an ambitious Wing Commander remake!

ViTNO: What’s the scope of the project and what are you hoping to achieve – is this a full remake of the game, an homage, or something else?

Howie Day:
That’s a gooood question. Right now, I’d like to release a small single player campaign – a Secret Missions 3, so to speak.

I’m also interested in investigating Unity’s multiplayer component. If I can get something going there, I have some multi-mission deathmatch multiplayer game design I’d like to try and implement.

At the very least, if I don’t complete either of those tasks, I do plan on releasing the project source publicly so other people can carry the work forward if the want.


Unfortunately, that's pretty dated. From October of 2019:

I got it to a good stopping point, been working myself to exhaustion over RGO trying to improve it for the console and Steam releases... and I got distracted by something else. I do fully intend to jump back on this, but I'm going to need some palette cleansing first. :D