What would YOU buy?

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yes, you aren't wrong... the ferret is the coolest light fighter...

Except it's *not* a light fighter <G>

Ferret is classified as a Patrol Fighter.
Wll the ferret is the coolest patrol fighter :D . also at 10 meters in length it's one of the handful you might actually find a parking space for, unlike a certain 40 meter long ship *cough* dragon *cough*.
Freaky Fun Ferret Fighter (FFFF)

Hmm. Ferret would be a good joy ride vehicle, 'cept Epee was better in every way (stylish too, and red-green!)
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If you want stylish, go with the Broadsword and its "God Bless America," patriotic paint job :D

I've always thought they were the blue, white and red colors of the french flag...
Free Parking

Parking issues? Bah. That's no problem. Go get a Morninstar or Mace-equipped dragon. BLAM! 6 mile diameter personal parking spot. People die? Who cares, In the BL, things like that happen. ;)
Ah, the Excalibur: the limousine of space craft. It does have something distinguished about it, doesn't it?

But if I really had the choice, I'd go Dragon all the way. Unlimited speeed and power, who wouldn't go for that?

Oh, and I'd also keep a ferret around just for the pure speeding.

"Is it a bird, is it a plane? No: It's...a ferret"

Man, I love those birds.