What will the Next WC Game Be?


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I don't see why it would be out of reach, especially with all the strides The freelancer 2 mod is making with model inclusions... all it would take is a gentle nudge and some pleading, and they'd possibly round out the remainder of the ships from the eras.(probably not many left to do.)

Not too far-fetched, though. Jazz worked together with the mandarins, if I remember right(probably not) to ruin our hero's day... and Hobbes was only truly turned from "Gotta save my homeworld" to "Reprogrammed to act like an ape-lover" in the novel and console port... granted, it was the original intention. but it wasn't the driving core of the plot. WC2 seemed (to me, at least) to be Blair's chance to redeem himself, and to get to the bottom of the bombings, shootings, and missing flight recorder data. And to blow up a station. :D Hobbes was just kinda sprung on ya towards the end, and wasn't touched on in too much detail, even in the console port.
I agree with you that it'd be really impossible to guess what someone else(EA and any potential designers) would be thinking. And yeah, Jazz's conspiracy paled in comparison to Tolwyn's... but Tolwyn WAS smarter, after all. :D


I agree with Manic. The people on the WC Saga project could recreate the missions in WC1 and 2, and the only abstract complication would be emulating the cinema scenes in between each mission. It could be done, but I imagine it would take some thinking.


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FreeSPACE 2... I've got to stop posting at 3 frickin am... Freelancer... sheesh. Confusing my poorly-scripted space shooters...
And the cinemas would be a cinch. The SCP(Source Code Project) has implimented Divx encoding. It's just figuring out what the best choices would be for the multi-choice parts of WC3/4... maybe having the cinematics based off of the split-tree, but that still wouldn't fix Seether's first meeting in WC4. (If anyone is willing to talk to the guys, I have WC4DVD on hand and would gladly donate the .vob's. It'd take an eternity, even on my 3 meg cable, but it'd be worth it...)

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Maybe the bugs tried to destroy the humanity becouse "its was there". wasent that a well known mountain explorer answere that when they asked him:"why do you climb the muntain?"
he answered: "becouse it is there".


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As I suggested somewhere (I don't remember if it was this thread, or another, and I'm too lazy to look), I think the next WC game should be a non-conspiracy civil war. No stupidly cliche plots, no cheesy crap. One faction of humans has a reasonable and legitimate reason to go to war with another faction, and you get inserted into the mix at a time when all that's left, for either side, is beat-up equipment, half the needed resources, and a distinct lack of the ultra-sleek feel of WCP (which had very little "WW2 . . . IN SPACE!" feel)

Of course, I'd also still love to replace the movie cut scenes with a FPS engine, which would only require voice acting. Also, that'd give you the neat option of exploring the interior of Confed and/or 'other faction' ships.

My idea leaves room for the following:

1) more than one game concerning this human vs. human war (hopefully avoiding the cliches in WCIV)

2) get back to the "WW2, In Space!" feel

3) allow for the return of the Kilrathi later, because, let's face it, WC just isn't WC unless you're killing cats.

EDIT: Perhaps, also, it would be acceptable to have a war with a non-human species that isn't exactly new to the universe. The Double Helix or the Firekkans. Or some such. But, still, all for good reasons; none of this stupid "consipracy" junk.