What ship could that be?

John Cordell

Look at that - found it in the privateer design sheets.
I have never seen it anywhere before. What ship could that be?

It looks like a generic space fighter to me, like something that would stand in for something else in a concept drawing.

Judging by its size and the wing configuration, it might be a Talon, but my guess is that it is just a quickie sketch.
My first impression was an early sketch of a Stiletto. Upon closer examination, I have come to another conclusion:

That ship (and likely the guns mounted on it) is of an UNREGISTERED type. Have a nice stay here at Jolson.
Yeah, it was probably meant to be a Centurion, though it looks a bit like the ship Karnes flies in Academy.

Oooh, a mystery ship, okay you guyss, here are my two interpretations of the drawing, maybe it will help maybe it wont. :)