What if?

Kainan crashes his ship on today's time. The Moorwen captured by the US military and is kept for studying. What would Kainan possible do?


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I guess it would depend on whether Kainan figured the Moorwen would be a threat or not. I don't see him seeing the military's experiments much beyond the scope of what his own people were doing.

I like the other option... a sequel of sorts. I think it presents a lot more opportunities for thoughtful development of the first film's ideas. Basically modern scientists/military find remains of the Moorwen and Kainan's ship at the bottom of the lake. They clone the monster and also somehow trigger the distress beacon summoning the aliens/advanced humans.
If Kainan's people went to war with us right now, I know that we would lose, but could we destroy or intercept their nukes before they hit Earth in low orbit? Do we have the technology for that?