What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

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    I'm not certain, but I don't remember Jukaga being anything more than a politician. He may have been close to the Emperor, but I don't think he was a member of the royal family; thus I would suspect ineligible. We do know from the games that Thrakhath got the heirship from birth as the firstborn grandson of the Emperor. We also know that the Emperor appeared to have the power to strip Thrakhath of his birthright and choose another heir from his other grandchildren; he eludes to this in a warning to the prince in one of the WC2 intro scenes, that should he fail he'd be replaced by one of his 'fifteen cousins'. This was before Khasra died of course.

    That said, it has been years since I've read Fleet Action, but I don't recall Jukaga being a relative of the emperor.
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    Well, for starters you really shouldn't assume he somehow survived the best ending. In the best ending, the Kilrathi do still take all the same losses as in the book - and then they take some more. So, Jukaga is dead. But, assuming he did somehow survive... it's almost impossible to tell how things would have gone. Jukaga had no special importance in terms of sheer power - he was just one of the eight main clan leaders. What he did have was the past importance of his family, and the fact that in a situation where everyone felt the Kiranka clan were leading the Kilrathi to defeat, Jukaga's clan would be a natural replacement. On the other hand, however, it would not have been hard for the Emperor to have Jukaga executed immediately, and with full support of the other clans - after all, he did try to kill the Emperor. If he survived the battle while Thrakhath did not, then the Emperor would have suddenly come up with evidence for this previous assassination attempt, and would have suggested that perhaps it's not a coincidence that Jukaga survived while Thrakhath had died.

    On a sidenote, I've always found it interesting how excited people get about Jukaga, in terms of "what if he had been in power". Well, if he had been in power, the Kilrathi would still have fought against humans, it's just that they would have been led by someone who understood humans better, and therefore would have been more effective. He didn't love humans, and was perfectly in agreement about the need to subjugate the Confederation. His ascension to power, had it happened, would have been very bad news indeed for the Confederation, the only upside of it being that perhaps humanity as a race would have been relegated to mere slavery, rather than extermination.
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    Not likely - Jukaga was nar Ki'ra, not nar Kiranka. His coup attempt against the Emperor and Thrakhath has chronicled in Fleet Action would've had to have been successful in order for him to have a shot at the throne - in this case, he would've had to have made another attempt against the Emperor and his new heir, and then used the chaos in order to seize power, this is an environment where it was likely that he was already under suspicion. You know, real Game of Thrones-type stuff. Ja'lesh ri'dyaleki Lekik'tothmo'Huvork'ragnith, ri'k'toth qu ri'gu...

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