What era Wing Commander ?


Being a big fan of both Wing Commander and Freespace2 (FRED2), well the questions that needs being asked is the following...

are you after any era in particular?

I love Wing Commander 2. Anything in that arena?
I want to point something out first. Wing Commander 3D is not a Freespace 2 Mod.

As for your question: I assume that you mean the mod Battlegroup Serpent. In this case: we have a bunch of converted WC2 ships for Freespace.

As I see it, you seem to have some FRED2 experience... Is this correct?

Best Regards Tolwyn
Hmm, not good enough in FRED2...

Hmm, I must misunderstood something here. I thought that this was a FS2 conversion. I just thought so... Well if not that, what is it...

What is wing commander 3d?

As for FS2, it is no secret that I love the darn thing, especially its mission editor (FRED2). Being able to make some simple missions for it, I don't think that "experience" would be a word I would use. I can fred, yes, but just barely. I can almost never do what I set out to do. I learn yes, but slowly.

In due time I WILL help with WC on FS2. I am known as GT-Keravnos over ther at HLP. It is just that I don't feel ready yet. I must apologize if I mislead in any way, but I am my own worse critic. I must be really good at something or I feel wortless.

Till then I can only sit on the sideline and watch the beautiful pictures go by...