What Confed or Kilrathi fighter had your favourite beam weapon loadout?


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I will be stunned if anyone doesn't choose a fighter that includes tachyon weaponry! 😃

My Top 3:


Sadly, the crossbow really didn't have the maneuverability to make the most out of it's loadout and the Bearcat's weapons were poorly positioned on the airframe. Have to have a second look at the Kilrathi fighters. And the prophecy fighters too. I may have an edit to my Top 3 coming afterwards!
Incl. Tachyon guns:
1. Dragon
2. Excalibur
3. Vaktoth
Hon. Mentions: Centurion (with the watered down Tachyon cannons), Privateer; Bloodfang, WCIII

Excl. Tachyon guns, Confed:
1. Raptor (my overall favorite ship)
2. Broadsword (Same problem as the Crossbow, above, but has the extra two turrets for protection)
3. Morningstar

Excl. Tachyon guns, Kilrathi:
1. Sorthak
2. Gothri
3. Hhriss
The Jalthi. aka the Baktosh's mother father pump hand. in terms relative of gun load-out, I don't think anything comes close.

We are talking just gun loadout, manoeuverability, profile size, speed, defences and missiles don't count.

My favorites don't have tachyons, they are not objectively superior, but they are fun.

The ferret... now hear me out, it's not the best, but it feels balanced and fun. I feel any ship I go up against is going down. Everything about the ferret is good, not great.
The broadsword. I can just sing die valkyrie and "rush" a squad, then quickly follow a fighter jumping from one turret to another.
The drakhri. Really, try it out, it is fun!
The righteous fire Dralthi (overkill)
The tigershark, charging mass drivers followed by a full salvo can 1-2 pretty much anything.
Black Shrike: So much dakka, it's a spray and prayer's dream.
Not sure if the 'beam weapon' in the subject is referring specifically to beam-type guns or just guns in general. The Black Shrike and Black Wasp's dust cannon, IIRC, is a rapid-fire version of the mass driver which lore says uses actual projectiles even though there's no 'ammo' being used from a game-play viewpoint.

But maybe that's just nit-picking...