What car do you drive?


Fiat: Italy
Peuegeot,Citroen,Renault: France
Ford,Chevrolet: US

It doesn´t seem too much *Eastern* to me,althoght they don´t look like the big US cars, they aren´t like the Eastern cars, they look mostly like the cars used in France,Spain and Italy...
You can´t say that the Mondeo,Regatta,Marea,505,Uno,Palio, Xara are like the cars in Russia or the ex-eastern socialist republic


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Sorry sorry sorry :eek:
I saw ´eastern´, read ´western´. Mind translator malfunction :)

You are right, our cars are not Russian-style, on the contrary. They are Western-European type of cars, only way cheaper.

Eastern Europe cars suck bad. (Talk about Lada cars, what are those???)

Hey Kris I didn´t mean to compare my car to an Eastern Europe car. Fiat is from Italy and owns Ferrari. Since my car is red, I made the joke (italian red car, duh).

Of course, my car is the bottom model of Fiat, a cheap and popular model on the verge of being discontinued, that´s why I want that Peugeot (ain´t it nice)?

But my car is way better than any Eastern Europe piece of junk, it has low gas consumption, good internal space and it is comfortable to seat in and to drive.


Yeah, those Lada-Niva are shit they made bad-licensed copies of the Renault 12 and Fiat 125 :(

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dude, ancient LADAs are cool. Hanging on to the door while ya drive so it don't fall off and stuff like that. I love it. My buddy drives a ancient Fiat Croma which I may just buy when he gets his new car. It's almost as crappy as a lada, but it doesn't have the same super low gas consumption ;)

It does however accelerate like a 20 year old-lada. Very funny indeed.


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Originally posted by Starkey
...that´s why I want that Peugeot (ain´t it nice)?
Yep... I also think that it is a VERY tempting little thing, considering the current prices. :)



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I'd like to drive a Lamborghini Gemballa-Twin Turbo Diablo. It's a modified Diablo fitted with a 900 horsepower engine. They say they can run it up to 250 miles an hour. The other choice would be the Callaway Corvette Sledgehammer. 880 horsepower and 255 mph!

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Thoughts on 1991 Elantras? Someone's offering me one with only 60k on it for $500.

(She's burning oil though, so I'm wondering if I should chance it. My current car is all sorts of shit)