Well, I have made something.

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Ghost said:
No fucking mongolic child, he expressed in various threads that he choosed the nick MANIC, not MANIAC.
Props to Ghost.


Bob McDob

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I think there's some kind of law against posting roleplaying as fanfiction.

Sycorax said:
You know, has anyone ever tried to make a grand, unified sci-fi timeline? That would be one hell of a feat if it could be done.


Not yet, but we could probably create one in a very short amount of time. Hands up whoever wants to ratify Ghost's law. Now let's see, one, two, three, four...


Ghost said:
No fucking mongolic child, he expressed in various threads that he choosed the nick MANIC, not MANIAC.
Also, since he uses his signature space to re-enforce that point . . . :)

Hehe, maybe counting the hands that aren't up would be an easier way Balrog ;)



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Shooter said:
OK, New, here we go:

- 40000 years. It's way to much. For all I know, in 40000 years the universe could collapse . Read a little bit from Orion's Arm and you will understand (www.orionsarm.com)

- "technology returned to it's original state". Unlikely. That would take a universe-sized catastroph, and normally those tend to kill everybody on their path.

- Crossover. Well, the only thing I'll say is that you've choosed the wrong place to post it. The guys in the CIC like to speak of Wing Commander as an exact cience... Sort off.

- Don't flame a guy just because he disliked/trashed your work. You will get a lot of that in your life. Specially in the internet...

- There is a lot of good WC fanfic arround, read it and maybe you'll get inspiration for inproving your work.
1. OK. *Goes to look at sight*

2. Hm... *Nods*

3. OK. I'll go test it somewhere else.

4. There's always a bunch of flamers who think that all newbies to a place are retards.

5. The only WC fanfic I've read is that... umm... *Goes to check title*
Wing Commander 4.123106, which probably wasn't something to go by. *Goes off to read more fanfiction.*
Yay, useful information.


psych said:
And before you try calling me . . . what was that again . . . oh yes ". . . a pathetic wannabe Maddox fanboy with no signs of ever becoming better! ^_^" , I like to tell you that I am one of the CIC forum vets around here who specialized in fanfiction; therefore, fanfic writing wise, the last person you want to piss off is me. Don't dig yourself a bigger hole, assclown.
Well, to be fair, pissing you off doesn't really have any consequences... *and* it can result in amusing rants.


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A thread this stupid doesn't deserve to live.

And, fortunately for me, I can do something about its current state.

Like change said state to "closed".

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