Actually, it's not over. There's the little matter of a major payback to take care of.
Please don't reply to month old threads if you don't have something insanely interesting to say :(
A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away.....

Leprachans chased after a group of rebel ponies trying to escape from a horse-glue factory. The ponies were caught and made into horse glue. The End.

Interesting enough for you? :p
Actually, its been 7 years, and we still havent gotten all the horses yet for our glue...so its not that interesting...We settled the score for one country...bombed its horses back to the stone age, and now we are going back to the first to try again...
That is not an appropriate post here. I don't care whatsoever about bringing back old threads, but doing so to post that is silly.