Weinsteins looking to sell its rights

Yeah, I've heard this kind of rumor before actually. The producers at ascendant are actively looking for the proper distribution system for the movie, and the weinsteins don't seem to be willing to take a chance.
well from the sounds of the article it seems the Weintsteins had so many projects to go around that their capital wasn't enough to fulfill their whole slate. it seems they bought off more than they could chew and it seems outlander and other films are paying the price.

why doesn't ascendant just distribute themselves domestically since they are already doing it internationally are they not? i know having a partner lessens the cost but if worst comes to worst and they can't find someone, are they in the position to do it themselves?

its just frustrating to see these 2 trailers and all the pub its getting on the net that its fate lies in the unknown. i guess one hope to look forward to is that it does well overseas, which is very possible, that it catches the eye of those potential distributors and forces one of them to pull the trigger.
Well, color me thoroughly confused. There's an awesome writeup over at Aint it Cool that is completely glowing about the film. However at the end he lets drop that the weinsteins seem to be looking at releasing the film in limited fashion on 50 screens (or theaters?) and then sending it to DVD in North America. What?

This may not actually be a for sure thing though, so for now I'll just say that anything is possible at this point. At the very least it sounds like sooner or later you should be able to see the film in some of the major cities at least.
I did see the letter and am as confused as ever. The mere thought of a limited release and straight to dvd fate is confounding. Were the Weinsteins the one's responsible for throwing that special screening in LA or was it done by the director or some other party? Why go through that process if your plans are for a limited release? Getting positive reviews on AICN is a big deal and to not capitalize on that would be foolish.

If the Weinsteins had nothing to do with this viewing, which is probably the case, than do you think its possible that those who were responsible can take it to Comic Con and other festivals that are coming up and show it there to gain more exposure? Or do you need permission from the Miramax rejects. The fact that people are talking about it is a good thing so hopefully this ends up the way we the fans want. A North American release in over 2500 screens.

A new addition to the roster of prizes will be the Variety Piazza Grande Award, awarded by Variety's critics at the fest to the best combo of artistry and [box office] appeal among the world and international [premieres] in the Piazza program.

I'm hoping the crowds at the Locarno festival react well to the film. It won't be competing in the competition itself but it is eligible for some kind of peoples choice award and some other Variety sponsored one. Wouldn't that be the best twist of fate if Outlander happens to win this new "Variety Piazza Grande Award"? (Or I suppose it could end up a sad irony)
This is just so bizarre - the trailers look great (especially the international trailer) - I really don't understand how this is getting so shafted. If this had been made by any other company it would have been released at the beginning of the Summer season.