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Has anyone ever seen this website ? I'm sorry if this is common knowledge, but I just came across it. Is this worth replacing the killboard with the simulator? Also, these episodic games, Alien Legacy and Rebellion, do they actually work?


Bob McDob

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The simulator is great, and unless you dream of copulating with the killboard, well worth replacing. After all, unless you really suck, the killboard only serves to remind you how much better you are than everyone else.


Or you could just get one of the SOSIM patches from the CIC Files section... they change the entrance to the simulator to the exit door, or the easter egg trigger in the Cerberus hologram in the center... tho I forget which patch does which... I think the 'a' patch is for the exit door...

And the campaigns on that site are nice to play with when ya get bored of SO, kinda annoying to have to change the files around after every episode tho.

P.S. remember to back up the files in the mission and language folders before ya install the files for the campaigns, or you'll have to reinstall SOSIM to get the defaults back.


Yes, they do indeed work... I played them a couple of years ago when they were new.

Of course, I'll ask whether you've played Unknown Enemy, which is a much better game, as an overall package, than any of the addon missions I've played.


Yeah I've Played UE, I just happened upon this last night. How long ago was it put out? I saw the last update was in 2001 on the site.



Unknown Enemy
A long, long time ago. 1999.

I think I tried playing the Alien Legacy campaign once, but I didn't like trying to play a campaign in the simulator. It's a pity that Primarch left the community before he had a chance to try to make a proper campaign.


yeah true, havent tried it yet., will wait till i have some holidays damnit !!! grr

how about rebellion campaign? is that still in the simulator? it said it had cutscenes, tho the files are kinda small, nothing like UE.

tho i love how its a confed v confed battle.... i hate the bugs (like NOT in a good way) ... dont like the whole prophecy premise at all :(

on the up side i won WCIV on ebay for AUD$15 (8USD) so i can play it all over again (first borrowed it off a friend)... so i'll revisit my favorite WC and all will be well ! :) - hopefully i can get it working on XP with the windows patch (fingers crossed!!)




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I've played both Alien Legacy and Rebellion, and both were good fun. Also quite impressive, given that fully modifying SO like UE did hadn't been done back then, AFAIK.